Containers in OpenStack

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  • Understand the role of containers in the OpenStack ecosystem
  • Learn about containers and different types of container runtimes tools.
  • Understand containerization in OpenStack with respect to the deployment framework, platform services, application deployment, and security
  • Get skilled in using OpenStack to run your applications inside containers
  • Explore the best practices of using containers in OpenStack.

Containers are one of the most talked about technologies of recent times. They have become increasingly popular as they are changing the way we develop, deploy, and run software applications. OpenStack gets tremendous traction as it is used by many organizations across the globe and as containers gain in popularity and become complex, it’s necessary for OpenStack to provide various infrastructure resources for containers, such as compute, network, and storage.

Containers in OpenStack answers the question, how can OpenStack keep ahead of the increasing challenges of container technology? You will start by getting familiar with container and OpenStack basics, so that you understand how the container ecosystem and OpenStack work together. To understand networking, managing application services and deployment tools, the book has dedicated chapters for different OpenStack projects: Magnum, Zun, Kuryr, Murano, and Kolla.

Towards the end, you will be introduced to some best practices to secure your containers and COE on OpenStack, with an overview of using each OpenStack projects for different use cases.

  • Gets you acquainted with containerization in private cloud
  • Learn to effectively manage and secure your containers in OpenStack
  • Practical use cases on container deployment and management using OpenStack components
Page Count 176
Course Length 5 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781788394383
Date Of Publication 21 Dec 2017


Pradeep Kumar Singh

Pradeep Kumar Singh is an OpenStack developer. He has expertise in the domains of containers, storage, and web application development. Pradeep is a core reviewer for OpenStack Zun. Pradeep also loves machine learning and the infrastructure part of it. In his free time, he plays with his Raspberry Pi 3 clusters, and also loves to write code in different programming languages.

Madhuri Kumari

Madhuri Kumari is an OpenStack developer. She has expertise in the domains of cloud computing, containers, and virtualization. She has been working on OpenStack since December 2014 and is a core reviewer for two OpenStack projects, Magnum and Zun. Besides this, she has also worked on the Ironic, Swift, Murano, and Valence. She is an active speaker at OpenStack summits, LinuxCon, and local meetups. She was also nominated for the RedHat Women in Open Source Award, 2017.