Cloud Native Development on Azure with Java [Video]

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  • Explore and get familiar with the Azure offerings and services for developing cloud-native applications
  • Unleash the power of Azure to build a scalable and reliable business solution.
  • Delve into Azure App Services, a PaaS offering from Azure, so you can deploy Java web apps
  • Learn to migrate or host an application to Azure
  • Easily secure your Application using Azure Active Directory
  • Use Jenkins to set up a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipeline
  • Deploy Java Web App using Azure Kubernetes Service so you can host your application and decrease your development and deployment cost.

This course will help you architect a cloud-native application which will be resilient, can auto-scale automatically, and requires less maintenance; it focuses entirely on practicality, building a cloud-native application in Java and deploying it on Azure. Developers get hands-on experience in a range of computing, storage, data, and network services, which offers the developer a complete toolbox to build and deploy cloud-native applications. You'll learn about the driving factors for cloud adoption and see how cloud deployment with Azure is different from regular deployment on a standard data center.

This course is a one-stop guide for Java developers who want to use Java Spring to build secure, resilient, robust, and scalable applications that are hosted on Microsoft Azure. You'll easily build and monitor a scalable, resilient, and robust cloud-native application that is always available and fault-tolerant.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at

Style and Approach

The course is designed to take you to step-by-step through a real development scenario, with tasks that are key to your business needs. Additionally, you get helpful resource documents and videos that support the labs and provide further learning opportunities.

  • Each lab guides you step-by-step through a real development scenario, with tasks that are key to your job as a developer. 
  • Covers recently launched offerings by Azure for developing a cloud-native application which gives you the edge over your competitors as an early adopter.
  • Build an end-to-end solution to develop Java applications using Spring Boot, Jenkins for CI/CD pipeline, Kubernetes for container deployment, Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS), and Azure App Service for hosting or migrating your Java Application.
Course Length 2 hours 6 minutes
ISBN 9781789805956
Date Of Publication 31 Oct 2018


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