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Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5.04 Essentials

Andrew Mallett

A practical step-by-step guide to provide secure remote access using the Citrix Access Gateway VPX
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849688222
Paperback234 pages

About This Book

  • A complete administration companion guiding you through the complexity of providing secure remote access using the Citrix Access Gateway 5 virtual appliance
  • Establish secure access using ICA-Proxy to your Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop hosted environments
  • Use SmartAccess technology to evaluate end users’ devices before they connect to your protected network
  • Provide a comprehensive solution to secure remote access by implementing Appliance Failover, taking care of your high availability needs

Who This Book Is For

If you an administrator or IT professional looking  for basic knowledge of Citrix products such as XenApp (or its predecessor: Presentation Server), or XenDesktop and remote access solution, then this is the best guide for you. This will help you with the basic premise of why we need to implement the ICA Proxy for remote access. You may then note the benefits of full VPN access, but no prior experience with Virtual Private Networks is required as we step you through this, although basic networking and routing experience would not go awry here.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with the Citrix Access Gateway Product Family
Security and Remote Access Solutions addressed by Citrix Access Gateway
Citrix Access Gateway hardware
Citrix Access Gateway versions
Citrix Access Gateway VPX Edition
Designing a secure Remote Access solution
Chapter 2: Licensing the Citrix Access Gateway
Overview of licensing CAG
License Server options
Obtaining licenses
Deploying Microsoft Windows Server and VPX License Server
Importing licenses and management
License Server Administration
Chapter 3: The Citrix Access Gateway Initial Setup
Understanding the network architecture
Downloading the virtual appliance from Citrix
Importing the Citrix Access Gateway into VMware
Initiating the Access Gateway setup from the command line
Completing the initial configuration from the web portal
Adding SSL certificates
Monitoring the Citrix Access Gateway
Chapter 4: Configuring a Basic Logon Point for XenApp/XenDesktop
Identifying the need for using CAG as a remote access solution
Configuring a Citrix Web Interface site for use with the Citrix Access Gateway
Configuring an Access Gateway basic logon point
Accessing XenApp Server farms securely with the Citrix Access Gateway
Extending the basic logon point to access other internal web-based resources
Auditing access to the Citrix Access Gateway
Chapter 5: Creating Authentication Profiles
Authentication profiles
Creating a RADIUS authentication profile
Creating RSA SecurID authentication profiles
Creating LDAP authentication profiles in Microsoft's Active Directory
Authentication using the Active Directory sAMAccountName
Authenticating using the Active Directory userPrincipalName
Creating LDAP authentication profiles in Novell's eDirectory Directory
Creating LDAP authentication profiles to Linux openLDAP
Customizing the Citrix Access Gateway logon page
Allowing users to change passwords on the logon page
Implementing two-factor authentication on the Citrix Access Gateway
Chapter 6: Beyond the Basics
Adding universal licenses
Citrix Access Gateway plug-in installation
Integrating the Access Gateway plug-in with the Citrix Receiver
Distributing the Access Gateway plug-in with the Citrix Merchandising Server
Chapter 7: Address Pools
Creating address pools
System Administration Options
Chapter 8: Device Profiles and Endpoint Analysis
Device profiles
Installing the endpoint analysis plug-in
Control access to network using device profiles
Chapter 9: Defining Network Resources
Network resources
Introducing the Citrix Branch Repeater
Chapter 10: SmartAccess Logon Points
Defining SmartAccess logon points
Defining the term Logon Point Visibility
Branding the logon point
Chapter 11: Linking It All Together with SmartGroups
Defining SmartGroups
Defining SmartGroup priority
Chapter 12: Connecting to SmartAccess Logon Points
Delivering the Access Gateway plug-in
Configuring Access Gateway Plug-in settings
Connecting to resources on the private network
Chapter 13: Monitoring the Citrix Access Gateway
Accessing and interpreting logfiles
Logfile settings and log transfer
Creating configuration snapshots and importing firmware updates
Implementing appliance failover
Chapter 14: Command Line Management of the Citrix Access Gateway
Enabling SSH access to the command line
Managing the Citrix Access Gateway from the command line

What You Will Learn

  • Install and configure the Citrix License Server 11.10 into your environment, either the software version or the virtual appliance
  • Import the VPX edition of the Citrix Access Gateway and complete the initial configuration from the command line express setup
  • Configure ICA-Proxy access to your XenApp and XenDesktop infrastructure using basic login points
  • Investigate different mechanisms for deploying the Access Gateway plugins to you user devices including the Citrix Merchandising Server
  • Build up the elements to create full VPN access to your internal network whilst maintaining adequate protection from rogue devices using end point analysis implemented using device profiles referenced in SmartGroups
  • Publish network resources to be made available to the VPN clients based upon the results of their end point analysis
  • Use SmartAccess login points to access the VPN and view remediation messages should we not meet the security requirements of the network
  • Monitor the Access Gateway and provide a mechanism to maintain the log files on a remote host
  • Manage the high availability of the Access Gateway by implementing appliance failover, two gateways acting as one each monitoring the availability the failover partner
  • Access the gateway command line management using SSH

In Detail

The Citrix Access Gateway can provide full VPN access to you network or simple ICA proxy and we will show you how. No matter how new you are to Citrix or how long you have used Citrix for, we are going learn how to extend the use of Citrix products beyond the confines of your corporate network.

Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5.04 Essentials takes you through the complete process of configuring the appliance. Providing easy to follow guides that you will be able to follow as a seasoned Citrix professional or newbie, we will see you through to the full and complete deployment of the appliance.

Once we have established the license infrastructure we quickly begin on the Access Gateway itself. This runs as a virtual machine so we must import and configure the device. This shouldn’t take us too long and we are ready then to open the web console to see what awaits us in its Adobe Flash driven administration heaven. Our time is going to be well spent here and also, we will spend a long time here so we need to make sure that we are comfortable for the journey that will see us create basic and smartaccess login points; that is, complete access to our networks based on the needs of the user and their role. Not happy with this, we ensure that our work is not destroyed with power outages and we provide appliance failover to ensure the system keeps running. We do not short change you so you will not short change your customers.

Citrix Access Gateway VPX 5.04 Essentials will become your bible that is always at hand for the  management of your Citrix Access Gateway. This book is detailed and complete to ensure that you have a single reference to the administration of your Gateway Appliance.


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