Building Google Cloud Platform Solutions

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  • Host an application using Google Cloud Functions
  • Migrate a MySQL database to Cloud Spanner
  • Configure a network for a highly available application on GCP
  • Learn simple image processing using Storage and Cloud Functions
  • Automate security checks using Policy Scanner
  • Deploy and run services on App Engine and Container Engine
  • Minimize downtime and mitigate issues with Stackdriver Monitoring and Debugger
  • Integrate with big data solutions, including BigQuery, Dataflow, and Pub/Sub

GCP is a cloud computing platform with a wide range of products and services that enable you to build and deploy cloud-hosted applications. This Learning Path will guide you in using GCP and designing, deploying, and managing applications on Google Cloud.

You will get started by learning how to use App Engine to access Google's scalable hosting and build software that runs on this framework. With the help of Google Compute Engine, you’ll be able to host your workload on virtual machine instances. The later chapters will help you to explore ways to implement authentication and security, Cloud APIs, and command-line and deployment management. As you hone your skills, you’ll understand how to integrate your new applications with various data solutions on GCP, including Cloud SQL, Bigtable, and Cloud Storage. Following this, the book will teach you how to streamline your workflow with tools, including Source Repositories, Container Builder, and Stackdriver. You'll also understand how to deploy and debug services with IntelliJ, implement continuous delivery pipelines, and configure robust monitoring and alerts for your production systems. By the end of this Learning Path, you'll be well versed with GCP’s development tools and be able to develop, deploy, and manage highly scalable and reliable applications.

This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products:

  • Google Cloud Platform for Developers Ted Hunter and Steven Porter
  • Google Cloud Platform Cookbook by Legorie Rajan PS
  • Explore the various service offerings of the GCP
  • Host a Python application on Google Compute Engine
  • Securely maintain application states with Cloud Storage, Datastore, and Bigtable
Page Count 778
Course Length 23 hours 20 minutes
ISBN 9781838647438
Date Of Publication 26 Mar 2019


Ted Hunter

Ted Hunter is a software engineering consultant who with fortune 500 companies to design cloud-native solutions and drive public cloud adoption, primarily within the Google ecosystem. He has a background in full stack development, DevOps transformation, and designing enterprise data solutions. Currently, he is a solution architect at Slalom Consulting, serving clients in the Southeastern United States.

Steven Porter

Steven Porter is a Microsoft Regional Director, a Google Certified Cloud Architect, and a consulting technology leader for Slalom Atlanta's Software Engineering practice. His major focus for more than past 5 years has been IT modernization and cloud adoption with implementations across Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, and numerous hybrid/private cloud platforms.

Legorie Rajan PS

Legorie Rajan PS has an experience of 12 years in software development, business analysis, and project management. Currently, he works as a cloud consultant on cloud migrations on AWS, Azure, and GCP. He has a rich multicultural experience working in India, the United States, and France. He is a certified AWS solutions architect, RHCE, CEH, and a consultant for application migration to the Cloud. He has a good understanding of full-stack development, and has also been a technical reviewer for Packt Publishing.