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  • Get familiar with VPC components, features, and benefits
  • Learn to create and secure your private network in AWS
  • Explore encryption and decryption fundamentals
  • Understand monitoring, logging, and auditing in AWS
  • Ensure data security in AWS
  • Secure your web and mobile applications in AWS
  • Learn security best practices for IAM, VPC, shared security responsibility model, and so on

With organizations moving their workloads, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud at an unprecedented pace, security of all these resources has been a paradigm shift for all those who are responsible for security; experts, novices, and apprentices alike.

This book focuses on using native AWS security features and managed AWS services to help you achieve continuous security. Starting with an introduction to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to secure your AWS VPC, you will quickly explore various components that make up VPC such as subnets, security groups, various gateways, and many more.

You will also learn to protect data in the AWS platform for various AWS services by encrypting and decrypting data in AWS. You will also learn to secure web and mobile applications in AWS cloud.

This book is ideal for all IT professionals, system administrators, security analysts, solution architects, and chief information security officers who are responsible for securing workloads in AWS for their organizations.

This book is embedded with useful assessments that will help you revise the concepts you have learned in this book.

  • Learn to secure your network, infrastructure, data, and applications in AWS cloud
  • Use AWS managed security services to automate security
  • Dive deep into various aspects such as the security model, compliance, access management and much more to build and maintain a secured environment
  • Explore Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) and its components
  • Embedded with assessments that will help you revise the concepts you have learned in this book
Page Count 90
Course Length 2 hours 42 minutes
ISBN 9781789134513
Date Of Publication 13 Mar 2018


Albert Anthony

Albert Anthony is a seasoned IT professional with 18 years of experience working with various technologies and in multiple teams spread all across the globe. He believes that the primary purpose of information technology is to solve problems faced by businesses and organizations. He is an AWS certified solutions architect and a corporate trainer. He holds all three AWS associate-level certifications along with PMI-PMP and Certified Scrum Master certifications. He has been training since 2008 on project management, cost management, and people management, and on AWS since 2016. He has managed multiple projects on AWS that runs big data applications, hybrid mobile application development, DevOps, and infrastructure monitoring on AWS. He has successfully migrated multiple workloads to AWS from on-premise data centers and other hosting providers. He is responsible for securing workloads for all his customers, with hundreds of servers; processing TBs of data; and running multiple web, mobile, and batch applications.