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Scala Microservices Book Cover
Scala Microservices
$ 35.99
$ 25.20
Apache Spark Machine Learning Cookbook Book Cover
Apache Spark Machine Learning Cookbook
$ 39.99
$ 28.00
Building Applications with Scala Book Cover
Building Applications with Scala
$ 39.99
$ 28.00

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Learning Scala Web Development [Video] Book Cover
Learning Scala Web Development [Video]
$ 74.99
$ 22.50
Machine Learning with Scala [Video] Book Cover
Machine Learning with Scala [Video]
$ 99.99
$ 30.00

Scala Book Of The Month

Mastering Scala Machine Learning

Alex Kozlov

Advance your skills in efficient data analysis and data processing using the powerful tools of Scala, Spark, and Hadoop

RRP $39.99

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