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The Web Dev Salary & Skills Report

It's one of the fastest moving field in tech - discover what thousands of real web developers think of the state of the industry in 2015. Is Angular all-powerful, or is its throne in danger? How much more valuable is it to go full-stack? What are the best companies to work for if you're starting out in your field?
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The App Dev Salary & Skills Report

Thousands are building apps and games - but who's earning the most? We reveal whether desktop still dominates, or if mobile is the new king of app development. What's the one tool you should be using to make it in pro game development? And what essential new programming paradigms do people think are going to change the way we code forever?
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The Data Salary & Skills Report

What are the money-making skills you need to know to get ahead in ITs most valuable - and most competitive - industry? We show who's hiring with the top salaries, and what they're looking for on your résumé. Is there finally a victor in the battle between R and Python? And how are the pros getting more performance out of their algorithms?
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The Sys-Admin Salary & Skills Report

Diverse and rapidly changing, network administration and security is the backbone of the 21st century workplace. What are the essential skills of the modern sysadmin? Does it pay to specialize, or go polyglot? Which tech is the overwhelming top pick in the world of configuration management?
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