Cybersecurity Attacks - Red Team Strategies

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  • How to build, manage and measure an effective red team program
  • How to leverage Homefield Advantage to stay ahead of adversaries
  • How to communicate results and influence decision makers with novel ideas and data points
  • Map out the homefield using knowledge graphs
  • How to hunt for credentials using indexing and many other practical techniques
  • Learn how to protect the pen tester, locking down machines, creating alerts and notifications, and leverage decoys and deceptions
  • Gain insights into blue team tooling (osquery, ELK) to elevate your red teaming skills

An organization must be ready to detect and respond effectively to security events and breaches. Preventive measures alone are not enough in dealing with adversaries. A well-rounded prevention, detection and response program is required. This book aims to raise the bar by highlighting homefield advantage opportunities.

Embrace the Red: The first part of the book focuses on establishing, managing and measuring a red team program, as well as ideas for sharing results and demonstrating impact to raise awareness. Readers will learn about progressive operations like crypto currency mining, focused privacy testing, targeting telemetry and blue team tooling, and more.

The second part is dedicated to tactics, techniques, and security research. Rather than enumerating how to use typical pen test tools, the reader will learn foundational techniques to improve effectiveness. First, we cover knowledge graphs and how to build one. Next hunting for credentials will be covered from basics to advanced techniques. And readers will learn how to protect assets using decoys, auditing, and alerting with examples for major operating systems.

By the end of this book, readers will be proficient with the knowledge required to build and measure a red team program and learn about operational tactics and techniques to augment existing skills.

  • Build, manage, realize and measure an offensive red team program
  • Leverage the Homefield Advantage to stay ahead of your adversaries
  • Understand core adversarial tactics and techniques with practical examples, as well as guidance for protecting pentesters and pentest assets
Page Count 288
Course Length 8 hours 38 minutes
ISBN 9781838828868
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2020


Johann Rehberger

Johann Rehberger has over fifteen years of experience in threat analysis, threat modelling, risk management, penetration testing and red teaming. At Microsoft, Johann established a pen test team in Azure Data and led the program for years as Principal Security Engineering Manager. Recently, he established a red team at Uber. He enjoys providing security training and education in private and public forums and conferences. Johann was instructor for ethical hacking at the University of Washington’s continuing education program. He contributed to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Johann is well-versed in analysis, design, implementation and testing of software systems and holds a master’s in computer security from the University of Liverpool.