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  1. 7 hours 7 minutes
    SC-900: Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals [Video]
    October 2021
    Learn the fundamentals of security, compliance, and identity across cloud-based and related Microsoft services to pass Microsoft SC 900 exam
  2. 236 pages
    Zscaler Cloud Security Essentials
    June 2021
    Harness the capabilities of Zscaler to deliver a secure, cloud-based, scalable web proxy and provide a zero-trust network access solution for private enterprise application access to end users
  3. 330 pages
    AWS Penetration Testing
    December 2020
    Get to grips with security assessment, vulnerability exploitation, workload security, and encryption with this guide to ethical hacking and learn to secure your AWS environment
  4. 368 pages
    Identity Management with Biometrics
    October 2020
    Work with common biometrics such as face, fingerprint, and iris recognition for business and personal use to ensure secure identification and authentication for fintech, homes, and computer systems
  5. 330 pages
    Learn Kubernetes Security
    July 2020
    Secure your container environment against cyberattacks and deliver robust deployments with this practical guide
  6. 262 pages
    Mastering Azure Security
    May 2020
    Leverage Azure security services to architect robust cloud solutions in Microsoft Azure
  7. 422 pages
    Learn Azure Sentinel
    April 2020

    Understand how to set up, configure, and use Azure Sentinel to provide security incident and event management services for your environment

  8. 440 pages
    AWS Security Cookbook
    February 2020
    Secure your Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure with permission policies, key management, and network security, along with following cloud security best practices
  9. 2 hours 16 minutes
    Learning Microsoft Azure: A Hands-On Training [Video]
    January 2020
    Get a firm grip on Microsoft Azure through real-world exercises
  10. 2 hours 47 minutes
    AWS IAM: The Cloud Engineer's Security Handbook [Video]
    July 2019
    Learn AWS IAM to run AWS resources securely against cloud hacks.
  11. 2 hours 41 minutes
    Mastering AWS Security [Video]
    May 2019
    Implement and use AWS security services effectively in your application
  12. 2 hours 8 minutes
    Securing Applications on the Cloud [Video]
    October 2018
    A practical guide for Security Professionals
  13. 2 hours 9 minutes
    Build GDPR Compliance in Relation to Cloud Service Providers [Video]
    July 2018
    Get free GDPR documentation and hints to GDPR cloud contracts for a practical blueprint
  14. 334 pages
    Cloud Security Automation
    March 2018
    Secure public and private cloud workloads with this comprehensive learning guide.
  15. 90 pages
    AWS: Security Best Practices on AWS
    March 2018
    Delve deep into various security aspects of AWS to build and maintain a secured environment

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