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  • Understanding the concepts behind the SAP HANA System – what makes it different
  • Installation and configuration of the SAP HANA Studio
  • Creation of database tables and attribute and analytic views – the building blocks of any SAP HANA application
  • Development of graphical calculation views for more advanced reporting needs
  • Use of calculated attributes and measures in reporting views to manipulate data on the fly
  • Addition of filters and user prompts to your application for more dynamic output
  • Integration with reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel using MDX
  • Discover some of the most useful websites and blogs documenting SAP HANA

SAP HANA is SAP's in-memory database technology, and the focal point of their next generation strategy. Using column-based storage to provide highly compressed and rapidly accessed data, a SAP HANA application can be several hundred times faster than the same application on previous generation database technology.

SAP HANA Starter is a hands-on book, taking you step-by-step through the creation of your first SAP HANA application. You will discover the building blocks that SAP HANA provides, and use them to create a robust reporting application. More advanced features are shown, allowing you to transform your reporting application into a yearly sales increase simulator. Finally, you’ll learn how to access your SAP HANA application from Microsoft Excel.

Using easy to understand examples and logical progression, you will build your first SAP HANA application – a sales amount simulator, from scratch.

Starting with the creation of tables in the database, and using the modeling building blocks provided by the SAP HANA Studio, you will first see how to build a reporting application on these tables, and then extend this application to allow sales increase simulation, finally making the data available to others in Microsoft Excel.

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results.
  • Understand key principles behind SAP HANA
  • Discover the main features of the SAP HANA Studio for application design
  • Create a reporting application on the SAP HANA platform
  • Visualize your reporting data in Microsoft Excel
Page Count 66
Course Length 1 hours 58 minutes
ISBN 9781849688697
Date Of Publication 21 Nov 2012


Mark Walker

Mark Walker has been working with computers since a very early age, starting out with programming the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. After graduating from Cardiff University, he moved to France, starting a 17-year (so far) career in SAP development, first on the SAP ERP, then moving to SAP BW in 2004. He specializes in process optimization, especially in the SAP BPS and BI-IP modules. He's been following SAP HANA since its release in 2011, and is a certified HANA Application Associate since early 2012. Mark has been working for the last six years for Censio, a consultancy in Paris, France, which has expertise in SAP, Microstrategy, Business Objects, and Microsoft BI technologies. During that time he's worked on several end-to-end projects for some prestigious clients, and done some missions in SAP's name. In November 2012, he published SAP HANA Starter, Packt Publishing, a small book about getting a foothold in the SAP HANA world.