Visual Studio 2019 Cookbook

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  • Developing applications targeting multiple platforms
  • Deploying applications to cloud platforms
  • Debugging and diagnostic information collection and monitoring applications
  • Evaluating application performance and testing application before delivering
  • Configuration, infrastructure, and delivery pipelines as code
  • Map the right features of development tools to implement a given software project needs
  • Straightforward and hands-on advice for building both Windows and Android apps

Visual Studio 2019 is an IDE developed by Microsoft that is used for building web and mobile applications. With more than 80 practical, self-contained recipes, this book examines common pain points and best practice for developers building applications in Visual Studio. Each "recipe" addresses a specific problem and offers a proven, best-practice solution with insight into how it works so that you can copy the code and configuration files and modify them for your own needs.

You will start by setting up Visual Studio 2019 and getting the required workloads for different application purposes and learn new features for debugging, navigation, code formatting, refactoring and structuring. You will learn about different container platforms, integrating your code with Visual Studio Team Services, test automation and performance testing. You will also learn how to monitor your production system using Azure and Visual Studio Team Services.

By the end of the book who will be able to build up to date applications on Visual Studio 2019 and have an understanding of best practice solutions for common problems.

  • Get to grips with all the new Visual Studio 2019 features regardless of your preferred programming language
  • Apply Visual Studio to all areas of development: writing, debugging, and application lifecycle maintenance
  • Build Microservices based applications using containers with .NET Core
Course Length tbc
ISBN 9781789532739
Date Of Publication 10 Jan 2020