Mastering CSS 2019 [Video]

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  • Learn CSS basics–text styling, forms, and buttons
  • Create responsive designs with CSS
  • Learn to work with transitions and animations

This course won't just teach you the ins and outs of CSS, it will help you understand and use CSS in the current context. As a website developer, your job is to make content for all screen sizes—and make it look good! The Mastering CSS 2019 program will help you master digital layout for web pages and mobile sites.

This program prepares you to become a CSS Specialist. The CSS Specialist program is for web designers and developers who have a fundamental understanding of the structure and applications of the CSS style sheet language. The program includes videos, coding activities, and a final project where you can apply all that you’ve learned in the course. So, enroll in Mastering CSS today and start building modern websites with the latest features in CSS.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at

  • Participants in the CSS Specialist program must have working knowledge of HTML5
  • Participants must be comfortable writing and editing code
Course Length 1 hour 47 minutes
ISBN 9781838643072
Date Of Publication 5 Jul 2019


Mark Lassoff

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