Fullstack Enterprise MEVN: Mongo, Express, Vue, and Node [Video]

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  • Create reusable and customizable Vue.js components for your applications
  • Set up webpack and tooling for full stack JavaScript projects
  • Get up to speed with the best practices for building apps using Vue.js, Node.js and more

This course will not only guide you on how to build REST APIs with Node.js v8+, Express v4+ and MongoDB v4+, but it will also teach you how to consume a REST API with the powerful frontend framework, Vue.js v2+.You’ll go through 4 hours of helpful HD videos that will help you understand the concepts you need to know to build advanced applications. In addition to this, you’ll also work on a real-world project, building the backend and frontend of a real authentication system.

By the end of this course, you’ll be well-versed with Vuex, Vue.js, and Node.js concepts and have gained the skills to build efficient and scalable applications.

All code and supporting files are available at -


  • Learn how to plan, organize, structure and build a full stack real-world project from scratch
  • Understand and use advanced concepts such as Vue.js, Vue router, and Vuex
  • Take any project from start to finish by learning how to pair Node.js and Vue.js correctly
Course Length 3 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781800202276
Date Of Publication 11 Feb 2020


Kati Frantz

Kati Frantz is a team player software engineer with 6+ years experience developing robust code for high volume businesses. He has proven success in developing scalable and maintainable software following world-class coding standards. Kati is a community builder, software development instructor and passionate about building the next generation of experts.