Detecting Memory Leaks in C/C++ Applications [Video]

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  • Understand the different kinds of problems associated with memory management
  • Detect and isolate memory problems effectively
  • Become confident in C/C++ memory management

C++ is a comprehensive and complex language, however, it also gives programmers complete freedom when it comes to the management of dynamic memory. This allows them to allocate memory and manipulate it at runtime, one of the reasons why C++ is still a favorite language for high-performance applications in various domains such as gaming, telecom, finance, and aerospace. However, using C++ also requires programmers to take great care while using dynamic memory, such as releasing acquired memory and avoiding the risk of overstepping the memory boundary, as not being cautious could lead to problems such as dangling pointers, memory corruption, and memory leaks.

This course is designed to help you overcome such problems by using essential Visual Studio features effectively. You’ll go on to explore the rich set of functions provided by the C/C++ runtime heap library. These functions can help you detect memory leaks and even overflows efficiently. Progressing through the sections, you'll understand how to use these functions and make your programs bug-free. In addition to this, you'll also learn how to effectively use them to avoid memory problems.

By the end of this course, you'll have the skills you need to use CRT heap functions confidently to detect and isolate memory problems.

All the codes and supporting files for this course will be available at-

  • Get started with the basics of heap memory management and understand C and C++ allocation functions/operators in depth
  • Learn about the Visual Studio heap library functions and understand how to use them in your code
  • Gain a deep understanding of dynamic memory management
Course Length 6 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781800567719
Date Of Publication 29 Apr 2020


Umar Lone

Umar Lone is a trainer, developer, and founder at Poash Technologies. He is a civil engineer who found his calling in software development. He started teaching C++ and Visual C++ 13 years ago. Currently, he trains software professionals in various IT companies in India in different technologies, such as Modern C++, Advanced C++, STL, Design Patterns, Android, Unity, and Linux. Umar is very passionate about teaching and has trained more than 10,000 software professionals in a teaching career spanning more than 10 years. An avid gamer, he is also currently trying his hand at game development in Unity and Unreal. He already has a few Android applications to his credit, including one related to Design Patterns. The only thing Umar likes more than C++ is Modern C++.