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  • Access TOML, JSON, and XML files and SQLite, PostgreSQL, and Redis databases
  • Develop a RESTful web service using JSON payloads
  • Create a web application using HTML templates and JavaScript and a frontend web application or web game using WebAssembly
  • Build desktop 2D games
  • Develop an interpreter and a compiler for a programming language
  • Create a machine language emulator
  • Extend the Linux Kernel with loadable modules

Rust is a community-built language that solves pain points present in many other languages, thus improving performance and safety. In this book, you will explore the latest features of Rust by building robust applications across different domains and platforms.

The book gets you up and running with high-quality open source libraries and frameworks available in the Rust ecosystem that can help you to develop efficient applications with Rust. You'll learn how to build projects in domains such as data access, RESTful web services, web applications, 2D games for web and desktop, interpreters and compilers, emulators, and Linux Kernel modules. For each of these application types, you'll use frameworks such as Actix, Tera, Yew, Quicksilver, ggez, and nom. This book will not only help you to build on your knowledge of Rust but also help you to choose an appropriate framework for building your project.

By the end of this Rust book, you will have learned how to build fast and safe applications with Rust and have the real-world experience you need to advance in your career.

  • Work through projects that will help you build high-performance applications with Rust
  • Delve into concepts such as error handling, memory management, concurrency, generics, and macros with Rust
  • Improve business productivity by choosing the right libraries and frameworks for your applications
Page Count 404
Course Length 12 hours 7 minutes
ISBN 9781789346220
Date Of Publication 19 Jun 2020


Carlo Milanesi

Carlo Milanesi has a computer science degree from the State University of Milan, and lives in Bergamo, Italy. He is a software engineer with decades of experience in teaching and developing software for desktop and the web on Windows or Linux, using C, C++, Smalltalk, Delphi, Visual Basic, C#, Java, JavaScript, and Rust. He loves writing tests and documentation and has experience in the domains of banking, portfolio management, construction engineering, CAD systems for milling machines, human-machine interface systems for machine tools, and websites and web applications for enterprises and for public administration management. He has written a book on Rust entitled, Beginning Rust: From Novice to Professional.