Beyond the Java Language [Video]

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  • Become more productive by using tools such as Maven and Spring-Boot
  • Master test-driven programming using JUnit tests
  • Install and run the open-source MySQL database and learn how to store and retrieve data with ease
  • Communicate with the database effectively using the command line and then MySQL Workbench
  • Simplify building a complete Java project that contains dependencies
  • Build and deploy a web-based application to an application server

This course will take you step-by-step through the most popular tools used with the Java language—all with practical use cases. In order to introduce you to the broader aspects of what you need to know as a project team member. After years of application development experience and scores of interviews, our author has compiled the perfect guide to becoming a Java developer.

You'll gain hands-on experience of working with Spring and Spring Boot, SQL/MySQL, Hibernate, JUnit, and the other tools that are part of the Java Stack and are essential in a production environment.

Apart from learning how and when to use each of the tools, you will also scale-up your knowledge of Java by learning some lesser-known tips and tricks that will set you above the rest.

By the end of the course, you'll be fully prepared to take on your next big project.

All the code and supporting files for this course are available at

  • Empower yourself with the Java programming knowledge you need and become more competitive in the job market
  • Explains the essentials, to make it easy to grasp complex Java concepts and apply them consistently
Course Length 5 hours 43 minutes
ISBN 9781838640392
Date Of Publication 30 Apr 2020


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Gregory Guy is an instructor is a qualified broadcast engineer and has been teaching Java programming since 2000. His programming experience started back in college when he was taught to program in assembler language and C. When he entered the Television industry, he did programming in assembler and C, then turned to Object Oriented programming, moving on to use C++ and Java. He has been teaching Java since 2000. Teaching is his passion, so it has never been just a job but a hobby as well. Soccer happens to be a great passion of his too. Colibri Digital is a technology consultancy company founded in 2015 by James Cross and Ingrid Funie. The company works to help its clients navigate the rapidly changing and complex world of emerging technologies, with deep expertise in areas such as big data, data science, machine learning, and cloud computing.