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  • Solve common C++ development problems by implementing solutions in a more generic and reusable way
  • Achieve different levels of exception safety guarantees by introducing precise declarations
  • Write library-quality code that meets professional standards
  • Practice writing reliable, performant code that exposes consistent behavior in programs
  • Understand why you need to implement design patterns and how it’s done
  • Work with complex examples to understand various aspects of good library design

If you think you've mastered C++ and know everything it takes to write robust applications, you'll be in for a surprise. With this book, you'll gain comprehensive insights into C++, covering exclusive tips and interesting techniques to enhance your app development process.

You'll kick off with the basic principles of library design and development, which will help you understand how to write reusable and maintainable code. You'll then discover the importance of exception safety, and how you can avoid unexpected errors or bugs in your code. The book will take you through the modern elements of C++, such as move semantics, type deductions, and coroutines. As you advance, you'll delve into template programming - the standard tool for most library developers looking to achieve high code reusability. You'll explore the STL and learn how to avoid common pitfalls while implementing templates. Later, you'll learn about the problems of multithreaded programming such as data races, deadlocks, and thread starvation. You'll also learn high-performance programming by using benchmarking tools and libraries. Finally, you'll discover advanced techniques for debugging and testing to ensure code reliability.

By the end of this book, you'll have become an expert at C++ programming and will have gained the skills to solve complex development problems with ease.

  • Learn how to develop and design your own libraries
  • Find solutions to your app development problems and implement them in a highly reusable manner, following library development best practices
  • Explore advanced C++ features such as containers, coroutines, and modules
Page Count 454
Course Length 13 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781838559915
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2020


Dr. Rian Quinn

Dr. Rian Quinn is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) in the Advanced Technologies Business Unit at Assured Information Security, Inc., having focused on trusted computing, hypervisor-related technologies, machine learning/artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity for more than 10 years, and has 9 years of technical management and business development experience. He holds a Ph.D. in computer engineering, with specializations in information assurance and computer architectures, from Binghamton University. He is the cofounder and lead developer of the Bareflank hypervisor, and is an active member of several open source projects, including Microsoft's Guideline Support Library (GSL) and OpenXT. Rian previously wrote Hands-On System Programming with C++.