WordPress Responsive Theme Design

3.6 (5 reviews total)
By Dejan Markovic
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  1. Responsive Web Design with WordPress

About this book

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool, which runs on a web hosting service. It is used to implement responsive themes, to make WordPress sites optimized for mobile devices.

This book will teach you how to design and develop your very own responsive WordPress theme and also submit your theme to the WordPress.org repository. The book starts with an introduction to the Responsive Web Design concepts and techniques. Then, it explains how to set up a local WordPress environment and also helps you understand the structure of the WordPress theme. Finally, we learn to create responsive comments in WordPress and also have a look at static pages and index templates. By the end of this book, you will have a better understanding of responsive theme development in WordPress and a WordPress Codex.

Publication date:
June 2015

About the Author

  • Dejan Markovic

    Dejan Markovic is the president of NYTO Group (http://www.nytogroup.com/), a premium web development company with offices conveniently located in both Toronto and New York. He is an experienced web developer with the extensive knowledge of both frontend and backend technologies (PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, ColdFusion, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, to name just a few).

    As Dejan strongly believes in returning back to the community, he developed and contributed to 2 free WordPress plugins: Buffer My Post (https://wordpress.org/plugins/buffer-my-post/) and Tweet Old Custom Post (https://wordpress.org/plugins/tweet-old-custom-post/). He is also one of the organizers of WPToronto meetup group and the WordCamp Toronto, an annual WordPress conference.

    You can always find him on various WordCamps (especially the ones within driving distance from Toronto) or exploring the nature, art & love for food across Canada & US. Should you have any questions, comments, concerns or just want to say hello, you can shoot him an email at [email protected]. He would love to hear your thoughts about this book.

    Dejan was a technical reviewer of the book Learning Yeoman (http://www.amazon.com/Learning-Yeoman-Jonathan-Spratley/dp/1783981385). This is his first time as an author.

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Latest Reviews

(5 reviews total)
Great book!
"WordPress Responsive Theme Design" was a great book, when i finished to read it, i was capable to start my own Wordpress Template. The book is so useful and recommended. Through the book, i learned about the Wordpress theme developer, how to use the template functions for building themes, also i learned about the principles of theme developer for Wordpress, best practices and responsive design.
I purchased a digital copy. Overall, I was disappointed with this book and would not recommend it. Several parts were poorly written and poorly organized and prepared. Before even the first chapter, in the "Downloading the color images of this book" section, the wrong link is provided, which sends the reader to a PDF file of screenshots that have nothing to do with the book. It looks like it's for a different book. The author says he provided the logo image in the source files, but it IS NOT included (none of the image files were provided). Ordinarily, I overlook typos, but this book has more typos than any consumer would consider normal or acceptable. Some of the typos were serious enough to lead to confusion, for example, referring to a file with the wrong extension. Also, some of the screenshots in the book don't match the current state of project, which is confusing. Fortunately for me, I've had some prior experience with WordPress, so I was able to catch most of the errors or know what the code was doing, despite the author's unclear explanations, but I'd say someone with less experience would definitely have a good amount of frustration at various sections of this book. Personally, the only saving grace is that I bought this book at a discounted price, and I did learn a few new things. However, if I had purchased a hard copy, I'd be upset Packt for publishing this book in such a poor state.
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