WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook - Third Edition

By Yannick Lefebvre
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About this book

WordPress is one of the most widely used, powerful, and open content management system (CMS). Whether you're a site owner trying to find the right extension, a developer who wants to contribute to the community, or a website developer working to fulfill a client's needs, learning how to extend WordPress' capabilities will help you to unleash its full potential. This book will help you become familiar with API functions to create secure plugins with easy-to-use administration interfaces. Complete with new recipes and up-to-date code samples, including a new chapter on the creation of custom blocks for the Block Editor, this third edition WordPress book teaches you how to create plugins of varying complexity ranging from using just a few lines of code to complex extensions that provide intricate new capabilities. Starting with WordPress' basic mechanism for creating plugins, the book covers recipes to show you how to design administration panels, enhance the post editor with custom fields, store custom data, and even create custom blocks. You'll safely incorporate dynamic elements on web pages using scripting languages, learn how to integrate data from external sources, and build new widgets that can be added to WordPress sidebars and widget areas. By the end of this book, you'll be able to create WordPress plugins to perform almost any task you can imagine.

Publication date:
April 2022

About the Author

  • Yannick Lefebvre

    Yannick Lefebvre is a plugin developer who has created multiple plugins on the official WordPress repository. His first creation, Link Library, is used on thousands of sites worldwide. With a background in Computer Science, he wrote his first plugin in 2004 and quickly started sharing his creations with the community. He is actively involved in the Montreal WordPress community, has presented multiple times at WordCamp Montreal, and offers custom plugin development services. By day, Yannick works for CM Labs Simulations, a company providing software tools and simulators for vehicles and heavy equipment.

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WordPress Plugin Development Cookbook - Third Edition
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