Wordpress for Web Development [Video]

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By LearnToProgram, Inc.
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  1. Introduction to WordPress Design and Development

About this video

Perhaps you want to start creating professional websites. Maybe you want to start a small freelance business or take control of your own business website. Maybe your a designer dipping a toe in to the digital world. Or, perhaps, you just want to learn to develop complete sites in Wordpress the right way. Whatever your reason if you want to learn the ins and outs of Wordpress, this course is for you. This isn't a course that teaches you how to type content in to existing Wordpress themes!

You're diving deep into Wordpress discussing theme development, mobile-ready sites, templates and much, much more. You'll work with Wordpress expert Mark Hannon as you develop your Wordpress skill set. This course launches quickly as you jump right into developing your own, unique, Wordpress theme. (No more boring, poorly executed templates!). This isn't a course where you'll simply watch Mark go through the procedures. You'll be invited to work along with Mark step-by-step to make sure you remember and can apply every concept demonstrated. Speaking of hands-on learning, the course is loaded with lab exercises and examples to help you immediately apply the skills that you're learning.

Style and Approach

This program is designed to give you a full command of the Wordpress environment so you can make dynamic websites that look anyway you want and are easy to update and maintain.

Publication date:
June 2018
18 hours 59 minutes


Welcome to the course


About the Instructor


Quick Intro Activity


Developing on a local server


A review of the WordPress file structure

About the Author

  • LearnToProgram, Inc.

    LearnToProgram, Inc. is a leading publisher of web, mobile, and game development courses that are used by over 500,000 people in 65 countries. LearnToProgram's valuable network of technical resources includes content on YouTube, iTunes, and Roku, as well as books, free tutorials, and online courses. With a mission of “teaching the world to code" LearnToProgram instructors are teachers first and technical experts second. Their primary skill is relating complex technical information to nontechnical people learning web, mobile and game development.

    The entirely online, self-paced sales model allows students to learn at their own pace. With over 40 courses on the market, LearnToProgram offers students flexible programs in web development, mobile application development and game development. Currently the company's most popular online courses include Become a Certified Web Developer and 10 Apps in 10 Weeks.Mark Hannon is a graphic designer who was thrust into the world of web design years ago when his clients kept asking “Do you design web sites too?” Never one to shrink from challenge, he replied “Yes” and then, after the initial panic attack, discovered that html and later CSS did not require an Enigma Machine to understand.

    Having built many websites for small businesses and nonprofits, Mark saw that many of these clients found managing their websites intimidating and were forced to rely on the web developer for even small edits. Searching for a solution, Mark discovered Wordpress which had come a long way from a simple blogging platform to a useful web application which enabled businesses to keep their websites current without having to learn code. Mark now develops websites exclusively in Wordpress. Mark lives on the Connecticut coast on Long Island Sound with his wife Anne and their 3 cats. He is also a fine artist and is the President of the Coastal Arts Guild of CT.

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Acquisto semplice, senza alcun problema, come sempre.
I got a good deal for the videos

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