WordPress E-commerce: Build Two Stores and a Membership Site [Video]

By Alexander Oni
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About this video
According to an article on Forbes magazine, e-commerce sales are expected to surpass the trillion-dollar mark by 2020. As more people are embracing e-commerce, an increasing number of businesses have taken to selling their services and products online. If you’re looking to sell your products online via an e-commerce store and want to learn how to create such a store, then this course is for you. This online e-commerce course is designed to teach you how to build your own online store or membership site so you can charge clients and customers for products or content. You’ll delve into important aspects of E-commerce such as payment processing and refunds. As you progress, the course will show you how to install and set up different payment systems in your store such as PayPal and Stripe payments. Later sections will delve into 'sandbox' environments that will allow you to test the entire transaction process on your website without using actual money. By the end of this course, you’ll be well-versed with WooCommerce and have the skills you need to build efficient e-commerce stores and membership sites. All the resources and supporting files for this course are available on GitHub at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/WordPress-E-commerce-Build-Two-Stores-and-a-Membership-Site
Publication date:
August 2020
7 hours 48 minutes

About the Author
  • Alexander Oni

    Alexander Oni is a bestselling instructor with 70,000 students enrolled in his courses. His passion includes teaching through online courses in an entertaining way. Alex has been teaching online for three years and has created over 25 courses with numerous students registered worldwide. Alex believes we all have one shot at life and should live life to the fullest, constantly stepping out of our comfort zone, visiting places, and trying new things. His success in Udemy has given him financial freedom and the ability to travel and settle anywhere. The author is currently avidly traveling, spending a month in every city and moving to the next. His hobbies include watching movies, sports, and chess.

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WordPress E-commerce: Build Two Stores and a Membership Site [Video]
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