Windows 11 for Enterprise Administrators - Second Edition

By Jeff Stokes , Manuel Singer , Richard Diver
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About this book

Windows 11 comes with a plethora of new security, customizability, and accessibility features that can help your organization run more smoothly. But without getting a proper introduction to this new version of Windows, it’s easy to miss the most important improvements, along with configuration options that will make migrating to Windows 11 frictionless.

Windows 11 for Enterprise Administrators is a guide to Windows 11 from an administrator's point of view. You'll start by focusing on areas such as installation and configuration techniques based on your enterprise requirements, various deployment scenarios and management strategies, as well as setting up and managing admin and other user accounts. You'll also explore the configuration of Remote Server Administration Tools to remotely manage Windows Server and Azure Active Directory.

As you progress, you’ll learn modern mobile device management for effective BYOD and how to enable enhanced data protection, system hardening, and enterprise-level security with the new Windows 11 in order to prevent data breaches and to impede attacks.

By the end of this system administration book, you will know the key technologies and capabilities in Windows 11 and will confidently manage and deploy these features in your organization.

Publication date:
May 2023

About the Authors

  • Jeff Stokes

    Jeff Stokes is a Windows / Microsoft Engineer currently employed at Microsoft. He specializes in Operating System Health, Reliability, and Performance. He is skilled in Windows Deployment with MDT (Microsoft Deployment Toolkit) and has exceptional skills in VDI (Virtual Desktop) and performance analysis. He is an active writer and blogger and loves technology.

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  • Manuel Singer

    Manuel Singer works as a Senior Premier Field Engineer for Windows Client at Microsoft and is based in Germany. He has more than 10 years of experience in system management and deployment using Microsoft technologies. He specializes in client enterprise design, deployment, performance, reliability, and Microsoft devices. Manuel works with local and international top customers from the private and public sector to provide professional technical and technological support.

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  • Richard Diver

    Richard Diver is a senior technical business strategy manager for the Microsoft Security Solutions group, focused on developing security partners. Based in Chicago, Richard works with advanced security and compliance partners to help them build solutions across the entire Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 security solutions, and many more. Prior to Microsoft, Richard worked in multiple industries and for several Microsoft partners to architect and implement cloud security solutions for a wide variety of customers around the world. Any spare time he gets is usually spent with his family.

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Windows 11 for Enterprise Administrators - Second Edition
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