web2py Application Development Cookbook

3.7 (3 reviews total)
By Mariano Reingart , Bruno Cezar Rocha , Jonathan Lundell and 4 more
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  1. Deploying web2py

About this book

web2py is a free open source full-stack framework for rapid development of fast, scalable, secure and portable database-driven web-based applications. It is written and programmable in Python, and straightforward to run. web2py implements Model-View-Controller design, server-side form validation, and postbacks that make the code more readable, scalable, and maintainable. Are you familiar with web2py, and interested in gaining more advanced knowledge?web2py Application Development Cookbook gives you the necessary knowledge to make you a web2py expert. Right from teaching you about the database abstraction layer to adding AJAX effects to recipes about recipe, the book will make you a master of web2py through advanced practical recipes without any drudgery or straining the brain.web2py Application Development Cookbook is the tool you will need to expand and enhance your web2py skills.This book begins with teaching you running web2py in various different systems followed by building simple applications. It focuses on database abstraction layer next and then explains building advanced forms. Adding stunning AJAX effects, using third party libraries and recipes on web services follow. Advanced recipes on authentication and authorization are taught and then routing and reporting recipes claim your attention. There is a final wrap-up with useful, interesting tips and tricks which you will really enjoy.In short, this book will make you an expert in web2py in a trouble-free, quick, and easy manner.

Publication date:
March 2012

About the Authors

  • Mariano Reingart

    Mariano Reingart lives in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and is a specialist in database administration, and development of software applications and libraries (web services, PDF, replication, and so on), with more than 10 years of experience. Currently, he is the PostgreSQL regional contact for Argentina and a web2py contributor, with more than 14 open source projects, including interface for Free Electronic Invoice web services (PyAfipWs) and Pythonic Replication for PostgreSQL (PyReplica). Mariano has a bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Analysis from the University of Morón, and currently works on his own funded startup formed by an open group of independent professionals, which is dedicated to software development, training, and technical support, focusing on open source tools (GNU/Linux, Python, PostgreSQL and web2py). Mariano has worked for local Python companies in large business applications (ERP, SCM, and CRM) and mission critical systems (election counting, electronic voting, and 911 emergency events support). He has contributed to the book web2py Enterprise Web Framework 3rd Edition, and for several Spanish translation efforts of the PostgreSQL official documentation. You can find his resume at: http://reingart.blogspot.com/p/resume.html.

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  • Bruno Cezar Rocha

    Bruno Cezar Rocha is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and lead developer at http://www.blouweb.com, a micro-company dedicated to web2py/Python web development and training. He is the lead teacher in Curso de Python (http://www. CursoDePython.com.br), an initiative to offer online courses of Python and web2py to Brazilian companies and educational institutes. He is the Vice President of the Python Brazilian Association, which is the organizer of PyCon Brazil, and other Python-related events in his country. He is an entrepeneur focused on SaaS products powered by web2py at http://www.ansy.me/en, which is a pioneer in web-based systems for veterinarians and pet shops, and creator of http://www.movu.ca, a social network engine and CMS powered by web2py. You can find his resume at: http://www.rochacbruno.com.br

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  • Jonathan Lundell

    Jonathan Lundell leveraged a background in the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein, into an exciting career in computer systems design. These days, he uses web2py to provide cloud services to his iOS apps, written for Lobitos Creek. He's getting used to Objective-C, but can't help wishing that Steve Jobs had been a Python fan.

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  • Pablo Martin Mulone

    Pablo Martín Mulone is a full-time web developer and software designer. He co-runs his own company located in Argentina, which is dedicated to bring IT solution to libraries, archives, and government in matter of documentary preservation. He has an extensive experience in FLOSS projects and associated tools. He is the creator of instant2press and CMS/ blog that is developed in web2py framework. His company created the patrimoniosf. gov.ar heritage database, which was built for the state government of Santa Fe.

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  • Michele Comitini

    Michele Comitini is a programmer, a consultant, and an entrepreneur, with 20 years of experience in the field of open source software development. Michele has worked with many of the top Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies in Italy. His skills include the ability to program in many languages and some of the most popular web frameworks. Michele was a Linux early adopter, and he has developed a deep knowledge of the Linux/Unix operating systems as well as its use in embedded systems. Michele is the owner and CEO of GliscoS.R.L., a consulting and development firm that is specialized in mission critical or highly customized software. His customers are mostly companies in the ICT and in the financial sectors.

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  • Richard Gordon

    Richard Gordon has 30 years of experience in agile web development and industrial design-automation software. He has a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and a Science Baccalaureate with honors from Brown University. His career spans microprocessor design at AT&T Bell laboratories, electronic-design-automation, software development at Mentor Graphics and Tera Systems, which he founded. He is the founder and lead YAK at YAKiToMe! Co., the Internet's first text-to-speech SaaS portal.

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  • Massimo Di Pierro

    Massimo Di Pierro is an associate professor at the School of Computing of DePaul University in Chicago, where he directs the Master's program in Computational Finance. He also teaches courses on various topics, including web frameworks, network programming, computer security, scientific computing, and parallel programming. Massimo has a PhD in High Energy Theoretical Physics from the University of Southampton (UK), and he has previously worked as an associate researcher for Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory. Massimo is the author of a book on web2py, and more than 50 publications in the fields of Physics and Computational Finance, and he has contributed to many open source projects. He started the web2py project in 2007, and is currently the lead developer.

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Latest Reviews

(3 reviews total)
Seriously outdated-- some of the core concept (objects and syntax) don't match up to the current release of Web2py which leads me to give it only 2 out of 5. But I will buy the book again when the author gets around to writing a new edition.
O livro é um excelente guia para quem está iniciando com o desenvolvimento web com o framework web2py.
excellent service, fast and efficient
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