Vue.js 3 Cookbook

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By Heitor Ramon Ribeiro
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  1. Introducing TypeScript and the Vue Ecosystem

About this book

Vue.js is a progressive web framework for building professional user interfaces for your web applications. With Vue.js 3, the frontend framework is reinforced with architectural enhancements, new base languages, new render processes, and separated core components.

The book starts with recipes for implementing Vue.js 3’s new features in your web development projects and migrating your existing Vue.js apps to the latest version. You will get up and running with TypeScript with Vue.js and find succinct solutions to common challenges and pitfalls faced in implementing components, derivatives, and animation, through to building plugins, adding state management, routing, and developing complete single-page applications (SPAs). As you advance, you'll discover recipes to help you integrate Vue.js apps with Nuxt.js in order to add server-side rendering capabilities to your SPAs. You'll then learn about the Vue.js ecosystem by exploring modern frameworks such as Quasar, Nuxt.js, Vuex, and Vuetify in your web projects. Finally, the book provides you with solutions for packaging and deploying your Vue.js apps.

By the end of this Vue.js book, you'll be able to identify and solve challenges faced in building Vue.js applications and be able to adopt the Vue.js framework for frontend web projects of any scale.

Publication date:
September 2020

About the Author

  • Heitor Ramon Ribeiro

    Heitor Ramon Ribeiro has been developing for the web for over 15 years. Heitor has built enterprise applications for businesses using Vue.js and the principles of clean architecture, shifting his course from legacy applications to the new world of single-page applications (SPAs) and progressive web applications (PWAs). He thinks that almost anything is possible today with a browser and that JavaScript is the future of programming. When he’s not programming or leading a frontend team, he’s with his family having fun, streaming their gaming sessions, or playing some first-person shooter games.

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Latest Reviews

(2 reviews total)
Great content, Great content
So far so good (haven't finished it yet). This book is up to date; it covers the vue tools and CLI very well.

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