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VMware vCloud Director is a key technology in today's cloud computing market; it provides a self-service portal and catalog that enables application provisioning and automated operation management.

This book ensures that you have a comprehensive understanding of the different components of VMware vCloud Director and their interaction with the physical and logical layers. This includes the ESXi host, virtual machine, vSphere cluster, vSphere storage, and vSphere network. This book enhances your ability to install, configure, and administer complex, single, multitenant public/private/hybrid VMware vCloud environments.

This book follows a practical and step-by-step approach with ample screenshots that make it easier for you to configure and manage networks and implement a private cloud running on vCloud Director.

Publication date:
August 2014

About the Author

  • Lipika Pal

    Lipika Pal is a Technical Lead in Colt Technology Services for Cloud and Virtualization, where she provides users with technical guidance to design, implement, and manage VMware vCloud Datacenter IaaS services, rendering enterprise-class access to on-demand or long-term virtualized resources across UK and Europe.

    She has more than 7 years of expertise in professional services, designing and deploying virtualization solutions, and rolling out new technology and solution initiatives. Her primary focus is on the VMware vSphere infrastructure and public cloud using VMware vCloud Suite.

    One of her other ambitions is to own the entire life cycle of a VMware-based IaaS, especially, vSphere, vCloud Director, vShield Manager, and vCenter Operations. She holds certifications from VMware, Citrix, Red Hat, Cisco, and Zerto. Prior to joining Colt, she was a subject matter expert and an infrastructure architect at fine organizations such as IBM, HP, and Red Hat.

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