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This Video will take you through the basic framework and all the to creating your very first Maps. You will learn how to use the SmartMapping tools to explore your data and create relevant visualizations. You will learn how to use the analysis tools to enrich your data and add even more value to your data.You will learn how to share your WebMaps as embedded maps or use the provided application templates.

Style and Approach

This video course will begin with taking viewers through registering an Online ArcGIS Developers Account, and will then build up their skills by teaching them about uploading, customizing data and then Analyzing it. It will then move on to some advanced and interesting topics of publishing the data and sharing the Webmaps as Apps.

Publication date:
March 2017
3 hours 14 minutes

About the Author

  • Rene Rubalcava

    I have been in the field of GIS for 15 years and using ArcGIS products for just as long. I have been building custom ArcGIS applications for the desktop and browsers for 10 years. I am currently a software engineer at Esri working on the ArcGIS API for JavaScript, and before that worked in local government and freelance work. I keep current on almost all mapping technologies, from web based mapping tools to desktop data creation tools. I am also a huge fan of functional languages such as Haskell, Elm and PureScript. I have experience in .NET using C#. Python, and some C++. I know web technology, such as CSS, HTML5, plenty of JavaScript, multiple JavaScript frameworks, libraries and Node.

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