Unity 3 Game Development HOTSHOT

By Jate Wittayabundit
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  1. Develop a Sprite and Platform Game

About this book

Unity 3d is the game engine of choice for creating professional looking games at no cost. Its combination of powerful tools and outstanding community support make it the natural choice for experienced and aspiring game developers.

Unity3D Game Development Hotshot will show you how to exploit the full array of Unity3Dtechnology in order to create an advanced gaming experience for the user. It has eight exciting and challenging projects with step- by-step explanations, diagrams, screenshots, and downloadable materials.

Every project is designed to push your Unity skills to the very limits and beyond. You will create a hero/heroine for a role playing game. Create a menu for the RPG game allowing you to customize your character with powerups, armor, and weapons. You will shade, model, rig, and animate your hero/heroine. The end result will be a  character on the level of Final Fantasy, far superior to a simple sprite.

Now for some damage - rocket launchers! Typically the most powerful weapons in any first person shooter, you will create a rocket launcher that has fire and smoke particles and most importantly causes splash damage for that all important area effect. Create AI controlled enemies for your hero/heroine to eliminate with the rocket launcher. Forge  a destructible  interactive world so if the rocket launchers miss their target they will at least cause significant damage to the surrounding environment. Learn to save and load your game so you can take a break from the action for life’s necessities like going to the bathroom. Incorporate social gaming by uploading scores online so everyone can see the carnage.

Publication date:
August 2011

About the Author

  • Jate Wittayabundit

    Jate was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1980 and has a passion for both arts and mathematics. He received a Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture in 2003 and used to be an interior architect for several companies. Then,he came to Ottawa, Canada in 2005 and graduated from the Game Development program at Algonquin College in 2008. Since he graduated from the Game Development program, he started working at Launchfire Interactive Inc. (http://www.launchfire.com) as a Flash Actionscript Programmer and developed many games and interactive contents (for the client such as Dell, Alaska Airline, etc.). In 2009, he decided to move to Toronto, bigger city, to get more chances to work in Game industry. He started a new position as a Game Developer & 3D Artist at Splashworks.com Inc. (http://www.splashworks.com). At Splashworks, he had a great chance to work with many different games and clients (such as, Shockwave, Swiss Chalet, and so on). It also gave him a chance to get to know Unity3D and love just how friendly UI is and how fast the workflow is. The first video game he ever played was “Super Mario Bros.” and he has loved playing games ever since. He believes that being an Architect is also his strength; it supports his concepts and ideas of how the real world could apply in the virtual world. In his spare time, he loves to work on 3D software, such as Zbrush, or 3D Studio Max. He also loves painting and drawing. Currently, he's trying to marry his architectural and 3D skills with his game development skills to create the next innovation game. His website – http://www.jatewit.com His Zbrush Character - http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread ... ight=tyris

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