UiPath Associate Certification Guide

By Niyaz Ahmed , Lahiru Fernando , Rajaneesh Balakrishnan
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About this book

UiPath is the most popular vendor in the robotic process automation (RPA) industry. If you're an RPA enthusiast or citizen developer who wants to succeed in the industry, achieving this certification can help you get accredited and ready for real-world challenges using UiPath.

The UiPath Associate Certification Guide offers complete, up-to-date coverage of the UiPath RPA Associate certification exam to help you pass on the first attempt and get certified. The book is written in a clear, succinct way with self-assessment questions, quizzes with answers at the end of each lesson, exam tips, and mock exams with detailed answers and explanations. You'll start by getting to grips with the basic concepts of UiPath RPA, and then progress to an in-depth discussion of all the concepts required for Associate certification. Finally, you'll develop UiPath skills by gaining the required knowledge, and implement these skills using sample business cases.

By the end of this UiPath book, you'll have covered everything you need to pass the exam, gained the knowledge you need to work on real-world case studies, and learned how to apply the various concepts to build enterprise-level use cases.

Publication date:
October 2021

About the Authors

  • Niyaz Ahmed

    Niyaz is the Program Manager Learning Alliances at UiPath, an engineer by training that has previously worked as a mentor at NIIT LTD. He is currently teaching UiPath to various academic institutions, helping learners from all over the world understand the UiPath software.

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  • Lahiru Fernando

    Lahiru Fernando is a UiPath MVP/ UiPath Community Leader/ UiPath Moderator/ RPA Solution Architect/ Certified Advanced RPA Developer. Right after graduation, he started his professional career as a Data analyst. Since then he was working in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence industry. Currently working at Boundaryless Automation as a Country Director (Sri Lanka)/ Executive RPA Lead - Asia Region.10 years of industry experience in RPA and Business Intelligence

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  • Rajaneesh Balakrishnan

    Rajaneesh is an UiPath Most valuable professional (MVP) and highly motivated Robotic Process Automation Consultant, Developer, and Architect with14 years of experience in Software Engineering and 4 years of experience in RPA. Having an excellent process-oriented and automation mindset, he always finds an opportunity to automate any boring and repetitive tasks and has implemented RPA in various projects. Designed, developed, and maintained various Automated Testing frameworks using Selenium, CA, and Microfocus tools. Expertise in RPA (UiPath), Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism. Automation Testing using Cucumber, Selenium Web Driver, JAVA, and C#. Experienced in various SDLC methodologies including Test-Driven Development and Behaviour Driven Development, Agile (Scrum/CIT), and V-model. Rajaneesh is an UiPath certified advanced RPA Developer and RPA Architect.

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