TrixBox: La telefonia VoIP resa semplice [Italian]

By Barrie Dempster , Kerry Garrison , Tommaso Zini [Traduttore]
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About this book

TrixBox è un sistema telefonico basato sul popolare software open-source Asterisk PBX (Private Branch eXchange). Esso permette sia al singolo individuo che ad una azienda, di configurare un sistema telefonico per reti tradizionali così come sistemi basati su Internet o VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). SugarCRM è uno strumento già integrato con Asterisk, quindi esso è stato incorporato in TrixBox in modo da incrementare la flessibilità del sistema.

Il presente libro fornisce al lettore una guida per la configurazione e la gestione di questo sistema telefonico. Il libro inizia introducendo i concetti della telefonia prima di descrivere in dettaglio come pianificare un sistema telefonico e come muoversi per installare, configurare e gestire un PBX, che abbia funzionalità per la comunicazione a pacchetto.

Inoltre fornisce alcuni esempi che si riferiscono ad un sistema telefonico ben strutturato, accompagnati da fogli elettronici che servono per aiutare il lettore nella costruzione di una infrastruttura telefonica stabile.

Publication date:
May 2007

About the Authors

  • Barrie Dempster

    Barrie Dempster is currently employed as a Senior Security Consultant for NGS Software Ltd a world-renowned security consultancy well known for their focus in enterprise-level application vulnerability research and database security. He has a background in Infrastructure and Information Security in a number of specialised environments such as financial services institutions, telecommunications companies, call centres, and other organisations across multiple continents. Barrie has experience in the integration of network infrastructure and telecommunications systems requiring high calibre secure design, testing and management. He has been involved in a variety of projects from the design and implementation of Internet banking systems to large-scale conferencing and telephony infrastructure, as well as penetration testing and other security assessments of business critical infrastructure.

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  • Kerry Garrison

    Kerry Garrison has been in the IT industry for over 20 years with positions ranging from IT Director of a large multi-site distribution company to developing a large hosted web server platform for a major ISP, to finally running his own IT consulting business in Southern California. Kerry was introduced to the world of Asterisk by a friend and began running his own business on it. After about a year of working with it and writing some articles that became extremely popular on the net, he felt it was time to start putting clients onto Asterisk-based systems. Today, Asterisk PBX systems represent a significant portion of his business revenue. Kerry has spoken at Astricon and does a regular seminar series in California. He is also the publisher of both and He is very active with the Asterisk and FreePBX community and has even contributed modules to the FreePBX project.

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  • Tommaso Zini [Traduttore]

    Contact Tommaso Zini [Traduttore]

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