Time Series Analysis on AWS

By Michaël Hoarau
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About this book

Data scientists and business analysts use numerous algorithms and approaches to prepare, process, and build ML-based applications by leveraging time series data, but they still face common problems such as not knowing which algorithm to choose or how to combine and interpret them. Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides numerous services to help you design and assemble applications fueled by artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This book helps you get to grips with three AWS AI/ML managed services to enable you to deliver your desired business outcomes.

The book begins with Amazon Forecast, where you'll discover how to train and use time series forecasting, leveraging sophisticated statistical and machine learning algorithms to deliver business outcomes accurately. You'll then learn to use Amazon Lookout for Equipment to build multivariate time series anomaly detection models geared toward industrial equipment, and understand how it provides valuable insights to reinforce teams focused on predictive maintenance and predictive quality use cases. In the final chapters, you'll explore Amazon Lookout for Metrics, a service that enables you to automatically detect and diagnose outliers in your business and operational data.

By the end of this AWS book, you'll have understood how to use the three AWS AI services effectively to perform time series analysis.

Publication date:
March 2022

About the Author

  • Michaël Hoarau

    Michaël Hoarau is an AI/ML Specialist Solutions Architect working at Amazon Web Services. He is an AWS Certified Associate SA. He worked as an AI/ML Specialist SA at AWS and EMEA Head of Data Science at GE Digital previously. He has experience in building product quality prediction systems for multiple industries. He has leveraged forecasting techniques to build virtual sensors for industrial production lines. He has also helped multiple customers build forecasting and anomaly detection systems to increase their business efficiency.

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Time Series Analysis on AWS
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