The Ultimate Kubernetes Bootcamp by School of Devops [Video]

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By Gourav Shah , Vijayboopathy Elangovan
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  1. Introduction to Kubernetes

About this video

Kubernetes is the gold standard in the world of container orchestration. It was originally created by Google, based on their experience of building and managing containers at scale (at Google Scale). However it's now driven by Cloud Native Compute Foundation (CNCF), an open body, which also offers the official certification, Kubernetes Certified Administrator. Kubernetes comes with mindboggling features, is very reliable, and is an extremely sophisticated container orchestration engine. It lets you convert your infrastructure into a container as a service (Platform), bringing in some of the awe-inspiring features such as zero down time deployments, fault tolerance, auto scaling, and cloud and storage integrations, which were previously extremely difficult to implement. And it brings it to the masses with its truly open, lock in free eco system. With Kubernetes' sophistication however, comes complexity too. You definitely need a guide while you navigate the complex world of Kubernetes, and this coursedoes just that. It's been created in such a way that you start learning Kubernetes from the ground up, one small step at a time, feature by feature.

This course brings you a distilled experience with the author's knowledge of building and managing infrastructures, experience of helping companies with their DevOps journey and more than 300 corporate training sessions. This is a well-researched program in which many variants of applications, with different flows, have been trialled and iterated many times, according to feedback. We have also started incorporating some new and useful techniques including glassboard and mindmaps to explain the concepts better and make things easier.

Style and Approach

This course brings you a distilled experience with Gourav's knowledge of building and managing infrastructures and his experience of helping companies with their DevOps journies.

Publication date:
July 2018
6 hours 27 minutes

About the Authors

  • Gourav Shah

    Gourav Shah is a DevOps expert and corporate trainer. He's a passionate techie who delved into the world of open source and GNU/Linux while in engineering school, long before he turned his passion into a profession. He has more than 7 years' experience designing, deploying, and managing complex, high-performance, scalable, secure, and redundant clusters. He is an expert DevOps professional with proficiency in cloud computing, DevOps tools, configuration management/automation with Puppet/Chef, continuous integration/continuous delivery, centralized logging, monitoring, computer networks, and so on. Gourav worked at Efficient Frontier (later acquired by Adobe Systems) as part of the Ops team responsible for managing hundreds of servers and providing uptime 24x7x365. He formed and headed the Ops team in India. He quit his MNC job in 2012 and went on to establish Initcron, a DevOps consulting firm. Under the Initcron banner, Gourav provides DevOps consulting to various organizations, helping them build, automate, and maintain scalable systems on public/private clouds. Gourav also conducts corporate training on DevOps topics.

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  • Vijayboopathy Elangovan

    Vijayboopathy Elangovan helped many startups to implement DevOps philosophies successfully. He's passionate about DevOps and has worked with multiple clients in the start-up space. He has detailed technical knowledge and hands-on experience of the DevOps discipline, as well as extensive experience in the implementation of container-based orchestration solutions. He's diligent in learning new tools and updating his knowledge about known tool sets.

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Latest Reviews

(3 reviews total)
Excellent . . . . . . . . .
Sometimes, when I watch the video online, I have to reload it. Beyond that, everything is excelent.
Great video training at a super affordable price!

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