The TensorFlow Workshop

By Matthew Moocarme , Anthony So , Anthony Maddalone
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About this book

Getting to grips with tensors, deep learning, and neural networks can be intimidating and confusing for anyone, no matter their experience level. The breadth of information out there, often written at a very high level and aimed at advanced practitioners, can make getting started even more challenging.

If this sounds familiar to you, The TensorFlow Workshop is here to help. Combining clear explanations, realistic examples, and plenty of hands-on practice, it’ll quickly get you up and running.

You’ll start off with the basics – learning how to load data into TensorFlow, perform tensor operations, and utilize common optimizers and activation functions. As you progress, you’ll experiment with different TensorFlow development tools, including TensorBoard, TensorFlow Hub, and Google Colab, before moving on to solve regression and classification problems with sequential models.

Building on this solid foundation, you’ll learn how to tune models and work with different types of neural network, getting hands-on with real-world deep learning applications such as text encoding, temperature forecasting, image augmentation, and audio processing.

By the end of this deep learning book, you’ll have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to tackle your own ambitious deep learning projects with TensorFlow.

Publication date:
December 2021

About the Authors

  • Matthew Moocarme

    Matthew Moocarme is a senior director of data science at ViacomCBS. As a data scientist at Viacom, he designs data-driven solutions to help Viacom gain insights, streamline workflows, and solve complex problems using data science and machine learning. Matthew lives in New York City and outside of work enjoys combining deep learning with music theory. He is a classically-trained physicist, holding a Ph.D. in physics from The Graduate Center of CUNY, and is an active artificial intelligence developer, researcher, practitioner, and educator.

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  • Anthony So

    Anthony So is a renowned leader in data science. He has extensive experience in solving complex business problems using advanced analytics and AI in different industries, including financial services, media, and telecommunications. He is currently the Head of Data Science of one of the fastest-growing startups in the APAC region.

    He is also the author of several best-selling books on data science, machine learning, and deep learning. He has also won multiple prizes at several hackathon competitions such as Unearthed, GovHack, and Pepper Money.

    Anthony holds two master’s degrees in Computer Science and Data Science and Innovation.

    He is also a regular lecturer at the University of Technology of Sydney (UTS) teaching a variety of courses such as data science, deep learning, and big data.

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  • Anthony Maddalone

    Anthony Maddalone is a research engineer at TieSet, a Silicon Valley based leader in distributed artificial intelligence and federated learning. He is a former founder and CEO of a successful e-commerce startup. He is also a master’s candidate in analytics with a focus on industrial and systems engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

    Anthony lives with his wife and two children in Colorado, where they enjoy spending time outdoors.

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The TensorFlow Workshop
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