The Soundtrack Composer's Ultimate Guide to FL Studio

By Joshua Au-Yeung
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About this book

FL Studio is a cutting-edge software music production environment and a powerful and easy-to-use tool for composing music. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover how to use FL Studio's tools and techniques to design emotional soundtracks for your films, TV shows, video games, and much more.

You'll start by understanding the business of composing, learning how to communicate, score, market your services, land gigs, and deliver music projects for clients like a professional. Next, you'll set up your studio environment, navigate key tools, such as the channel rack, piano roll, playlist, mixer, and browser, and export songs. The book then advances to show you how to compose orchestral music using MIDI programming with a dedicated section to string instruments. You’ll create sheet music using MuseScore for live musicians to play your compositions. You’ll learn about the art of foley for recording realistic sound effects, create adaptive music that changes throughout video games, and design music to trigger specific emotions, for example, eerie music to terrify your listener. Finally, you'll work on a sample project to get ready for your composing career.

By the end of this FL Studio book, you’ll have developed the skills and knowledge to create professional soundtrack scores for your films and video games.

Publication date:
April 2022

About the Author

  • Joshua Au-Yeung

    Joshua Au-Yeung (professionally known as Chester Sky) is a music producer, composer, director, and software developer. He's published ten albums, directed and composed for short films, created board games, created dozens of art pieces, and hosts a podcast. He's an instructor of online courses, including best-selling courses on music production and composing for films and video games. His previous book “The Music Producer’s Ultimate Guide To FL Studio 20” reached number #1 on Amazon in the Digital Audio Production category.

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The Soundtrack Composer's Ultimate Guide to FL Studio
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