The macOS User Administration Guide

By Herta Nava
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About this book

This book is a practical guide for developers looking to understand the features and tools in macOS that make it a professional tool for system administration.

You will understand the basics of system administration and later get up and running with monitoring, maintaining, and securing your systems. With practical examples and best practices, you will be able to build a backup infrastructure and virtual private network for your network. As you progress, you will understand how to secure your data and networks effectively by implementing various security strategies.

By the end of this book, you’ll not only be well-versed with macOS features, administration tasks, and best practices but also be able to apply the concepts you learn to achieve professional Apple certifications such as Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP).

Publication date:
April 2021

About the Author

  • Herta Nava

    Herta Nava is an Apple Certified Support Professional and a multidisciplinary professional. She has experience with technical training in Web Programming and Graphic Design. Among the most important projects, she has recently participated in is the localization of the Google Cloud Platform, as a member of the Google Linguistic and Localization Team, and she is also a Senior Reviewer for Dell EMC. At the same time, she works as an independent consultant providing support for companies using Mac technologies, implementing open source software such as CRM and CMS, and building eCommerce and other dynamic websites. She has authored 10 online courses for an important eLearning platform, including 8 on Mac Support.

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