The Definitive Guide to Modernizing Applications on Google Cloud

By Steve (Satish) Sangapu , Dheeraj Panyam , Jason Marston
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About this book

Legacy applications, which comprise 75–80% of all enterprise applications, often end up being stuck in data centers. Modernizing these applications to make them cloud-native enables them to scale in a cloud environment without taking months or years to start seeing the benefits. This book will help software developers and solutions architects to modernize their applications on Google Cloud and transform them into cloud-native applications.

This book helps you to build on your existing knowledge of enterprise application development and takes you on a journey through the six Rs: rehosting, replatforming, rearchitecting, repurchasing, retiring, and retaining. You'll learn how to modernize a legacy enterprise application on Google Cloud and build on existing assets and skills effectively. Taking an iterative and incremental approach to modernization, the book introduces the main services in Google Cloud in an easy-to-understand way that can be applied immediately to an application.

By the end of this Google Cloud book, you'll have learned how to modernize a legacy enterprise application by exploring various interim architectures and tooling to develop a cloud-native microservices-based application.

Publication date:
January 2022

About the Authors

  • Steve (Satish) Sangapu

    Satish Sangapu has been working with software since 2000. He specializes in migrating and modernizing applications from monolith to containerized microservices as well as creating data engineering pipelines to mine vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. He has extensive experience successfully leading large, cross-functional, geographically dispersed teams utilizing modern Agile development methodologies while collaboratively effectively in creating high-performance, fault-tolerant, and high-availability systems. He also holds 7 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark office and certifications from Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute and Google Cloud.

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  • Dheeraj Panyam

    Dheeraj Panyam has been working in the IT industry since 2000. His experience spans diverse domains (optical, telecom, retail and healthcare) and covers all phases of SDLC lifecycle from Application Development, Production Support, QA Automation and Cloud Architecture. He lives in India and collaborates with a Google Cloud consulting company, helping them design solutions and architecture on public cloud platforms. He holds multiple Google Cloud Certifications in addition to other certifications in Networking and Testing.

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  • Jason Marston

    Jason Marston is a Cloud Solution Architect based in England. He was recruited by Microsoft because of his OSS background. Jason has worked with Java since version 1 and has a long history with open source. He has over 30 years' experience of developing software and now helps organizations migrate and modernize legacy applications to the cloud. Jason was an SME in the Worldwide Communities project at Microsoft and, as part of the leadership team for those communities, helped many people solve their problems by adopting Java on Azure. In his spare time, Jason reads science fiction books and has two children who think he is a geek/nerd.

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The Definitive Guide to Modernizing Applications on Google Cloud
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