The Complete Guide to Blender Simulations

By Stephen Pearson
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About this book

This book is an in-depth guide to creating realistic and eye-catching simulations, understanding the various settings and options around their creation, and learning how to troubleshoot solutions to your own Blender problems.

You’ll learn how to use Mantaflow, an open-source framework within Blender software, to create fire, smoke, and fluid simulations. As you progress, you’ll also understand how to produce satisfying rigid and soft body simulations, along with cloth simulations, with ease. Finally, you’ll explore Dynamic Paint, Blender’s modifier and physics system, to create eye catching animations.

By the end of this Blender book, you’ll have created a number of animations on your own, such as a campfire, waterfalls, and explosions. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of all the simulation options in Blender, which you can use to create portfolio-ready animations.

Publication date:
October 2022

About the Author

  • Stephen Pearson

    Stephen Pearson is a 3D Artist, Graphic Designer, Video Producer, and the founder of BlenderMadeEasy. He has worked in the 3D industry for over 8 years and has produced several best-selling courses on architectural visualization, VFX simulations, and animation. He started using Blender in 2014 as a fun hobby, but now he uses it to teach other 3D artists around the world. In his spare time, he enjoys riding motorcycles and creating artwork.

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The Complete Guide to Blender Simulations
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