The Complete C++ Developer Course [Video]

By Codestars by Rob Percival , John P. Baugh
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  1. Getting Started

About this video

Do you know that C++ is used by over 4 million developers worldwide? and in the US, a C++ developer earns around S100,000 a year. Learning C++ will add value to your CV and you will have skills that will give you a chance to work on amazing projects. Through this video course, you will learn C++ by building applications.

The course starts by taking you through the learning objectives and helps you with the process of setting up the environment on Windows and macOS. Once you are ready to code, you will learn to build many interesting applications, such as Mad-Libs Clone, Jam of the Month, Parallel Array/Vectors, and Tic-Tac-Toe, to become familiar with C++ concepts such as variables, data types, operators, control statements, arrays, vectors, and functions. Moving along, you will again learn to build interesting projects to get to grips with classes, objects, exception handling, debugging, pointers, inheritance, and polymorphism. Finally, you will get an overview of templates, Standard Template Library (STL), pointers, and operator overloading.

By the end of this course, you will have developed basic and advanced C++ skills needed to build modern and robust applications.

Publication date:
November 2020
19 hours 28 minutes

About the Authors

  • Codestars by Rob Percival

    Codestars by Rob Percival:

    Best-selling Udemy instructor Rob Percival created Codestars, a team of instructors that create structured, interactive courses that make it easy for learners of all ages and levels to build functional websites and apps.

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  • John P. Baugh

    John P. Baugh:

    John P. Baugh holds a PhD in computer and information science, as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from the University of Michigan, Dearborn.

    He serves as professor and chair of the department of computer information systems at Oakland Community College. He has consulted for individuals and companies, including those that are contractors for the United States Department of Defense. Previously, he has worked as a software engineer at Siemens PLM Software.

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