The Complete Beginners Guide to Arduino - 2021 [Video]

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By Michael McRoberts
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  1. Introduction to The Complete Beginners Guide to the Arduino Course

About this video

This course, by best-selling Arduino author, Mike McRoberts, will take you from complete beginner to the confident and competent coder and electronics circuit builder. Even if you have never coded before or built a circuit, you will be guided through each carefully crafted lesson until you have the skills and knowledge to go it alone and bring your very own creations to life. Brand new for 2021 with new and updated content.

This course comprises multiple projects, specifically designed to take you from a complete beginner to a capable and confident Arduino coder. You will start off with a tour of the Arduino board and what it is capable of, then you will learn the essential fundamental skills required to understand the C programming language that the Arduino uses. Next, an introduction to electronic fundamentals, then you will dive right into the step-by-step learning projects that have been carefully designed to start you off gently and introduce more coding and electronics concepts as you work your way through the curriculum.

By the end of this course, you will have all the necessary skills to enable you to design from scratch and code your very own projects.

The code bundle for this course is available at

Publication date:
July 2021
15 hours 55 minutes

About the Author

  • Michael McRoberts

    Michael (Mike) McRoberts, also known as ‘TheArduinoGuy’ on Twitter, has been programming Arduinos for well over 10 years, for personal use, for collaboration with other people's projects, and for commercial products. Mike discovered Arduino when he was looking to build a cloud sensor to help with his hobby of astrophotography. In researching the various techniques possible to detect levels of cloud coverage, he came across thermopile sensors and needed a way to take readings from one and send them to a laptop.

    Mike has run hundreds of Arduinos and Raspberry Pi workshops at various places around the UK and has built several devices using Arduino, ESP8266, ESp32, and Raspberry Pis, as well as other microcontrollers. In 2018, he won the Raspberry Pi robotics competition held at Cambridge University in England. He has also been authoring famous books on Arduino for beginners.

    Over the years, Mike has developed a teaching style that is especially suited to making complex subjects appear clear and simple. Mike takes a lot of time and effort to ensure every lecture is clear and easily understandable to even the most inexperienced student.

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The Complete Beginners Guide to Arduino - 2021 [Video]
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