The Break-Even Sales Funnel Blueprint and Fundamentals Guide [Video]

By Zach Miller
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  1. Introduction

About this video

This course will help you set up a profitable funnel that can start to bring in income without the need for a website. You'll be walked through the entire funnel creation process. You'll learn how to build your own funnel without having a website and a converting list and to advertise products super effectively. You'll be taught the fastest and most powerful ways to turn visitors into subscribers. You'll create an email list and integrate it onto your capture pages and learn how to pick the right offers. In short, this course will help you create and optimize a money-magnet Facebook fan page which will automatically turn browsers into buyers.

Style and Approach

This course will show you how to set up a profitable sales funnel without having a website or a converting list, and how to turn visitors into subscribers. It teaches you how to create an email list and easily integrate it into your capture page.

Publication date:
August 2018
10 hours 6 minutes

About the Author

  • Zach Miller

    Zach Miller is a sales funnel consultant. He has built multiple 6- and 7-figure businesses for his clients and himself. He teaches the same marketing ideas that he has taught his clients and students. He loves delivering as much value as he can upfront. He has expertise in, and has written a book on, sales funnel secrets and he teaches the same concepts to thousands of his students. He has 15+ years' experience with a variety of skills, including HTML, website design, eBay and Amazon drop shipping, online marketing, SEO, email marketing, and most importantly sales funnels.

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