The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation with Python and Pygame [Video]

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By Michael Eramo
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About this video

Have you learned the fundamentals of Python and then asked yourself: what’s next? Then this course is for you.

We’ll begin by learning the fundamentals of the Pygame library and video game design as we move on to making four incredibly fun, arcade-style games called Feed the Dragon, Click the Clown, Snake, and Burger Dog.

We will then proceed to the concepts of classes and inheritance in Python, which are crucial tools for taking our games to the next level using Sprites and Sprite Groups. If, you have not worked with classes before, you need not worry, we’ve got you covered. We will spend some time learning more intermediate concepts such as how to use sprites, sprite groups, and various sprite collision detection methods as we move on to making two intermediate-level games called Monster Wrangler and Space Invaders.

The third part of this course focuses on more advanced topics such as creating a tile map and using/reading it to create more complex-level designs, using 2-dimensional vectors to aid with more complex player movements such as running and jumping under forces of friction and gravity, and adding character animations to make our games really come to life! We will apply these concepts as well as all our previous knowledge to make one last game called Zombie Knight, which is the final project.

By the end of this course, you will be able to put forward your own game ideas and feel confident enough in your abilities to create them.

All the resources and files for this course are available at

Publication date:
October 2021
17 hours 15 minutes

About the Author

  • Michael Eramo

    Michael Eramo is a life-long learner, a self-taught programmer, and an experienced educator. He holds official bachelor's degrees in music, education, and physics as well as a master's degree in mathematics. He also holds a certificate in software development from Microsoft. He has years of experience as a high school physics teacher, computer science teacher, and a college mathematics teacher. He is a part of the New York State Master-Teacher Program, a network of more than 800 outstanding public-school teachers throughout the state who share a passion for STEM learning and for collaborating with colleagues to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.

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The topic is interesting but I didn't follow the course yet.
The Art of Doing: Video Game Creation with Python and Pygame [Video]
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