The Art of Doing: Code 40 Challenging Python Programs Today! [Video]

By Michael Eramo
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About this video

By encouraging you to build 40 applications, this course will make you well-versed with numerous ideas, theories, and fundamentals of computer science and Python.

The course begins with the installation process of Python and an explanation of basic data types used in Python programming. You will then start building 40 meaningful, engaging, and purposeful Python applications that will help you to understand the concepts of Python programming in detail. Some of the applications that you will learn to build are letter counter application, grade sorter application, voter registration application, thesaurus application, and a lot more.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed in Python programming and will have developed the skills to build real-world applications in Python.

The code files for this course is available at

Publication date:
December 2020
28 hours 21 minutes

About the Author
  • Michael Eramo

    Michael Eramo is a life-long learner, a self-taught programmer, and an experienced educator. He holds official bachelor’s degrees in music, education, and physics and a master’s in mathematics. He is also a Microsoft certified software developer.

    He has years of experience as a high school physics teacher, computer science teacher, and college mathematics teacher. He is a part of the New York State Master-Teacher Program, a network of more than 800 outstanding public-school teachers throughout the state who share a passion for STEM learning and for collaborating with colleagues to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.

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Good book very useful for Python learners.
Quality goods Easy to use
The Art of Doing: Code 40 Challenging Python Programs Today! [Video]
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