Step-by-Step Machine Learning with Python [Video]

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By Yuxi (Hayden) Liu
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  1. Getting Started with Python and Machine Learning

About this video

Data science and machine learning are some of the top buzzwords in the technical world today. The resurging interest in machine learning is due to the same factors that have made data mining and Bayesian analysis more popular than ever. This video is your entry point to machine learning. It starts with an introduction to machine learning and the Python language and shows you how to complete the necessary setup. Moving ahead, you will learn all the important concepts such as exploratory data analysis, data preprocessing, feature extraction, data visualization and clustering, classification, regression, and model performance evaluation. With the help of the various projects included, you will acquire the mechanics of several important machine learning algorithms, which will no longer seem obscure. Also, you will be guided step-by-step to build your own models from scratch. Toward the end, you will gather a broad picture of the machine learning ecosystem and master best practices for applying machine learning techniques. Throughout this course, you will learn to tackle data-driven problems and implement your solutions with the powerful yet simple Python language. Interesting and easy-to-follow examples—including news topic classification, spam email detection, online ad click-through prediction, and stock prices forecasts—will keep you glued to the screen till you reach your goal.

Style and Approach

This course is an enticing journey that starts from the very basics and gradually picks up pace as the story unfolds. Each concept is first succinctly defined in the larger context of things, followed by a detailed explanation of their application. Every concept is explained with the help of a project that solves a real-world problem and involves hands-on work, giving you a deep insight into the world of machine learning. With this simple yet rich language—Python—you will understand and be able to implement the examples with ease.

Publication date:
September 2017
4 hours 56 minutes

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(6 reviews total)
cannot use packt mobile app to see this. mobile app displays only subscriptions, this is a one time purchase. There is no menu to navigate to one time purchases. mobile app keep displaying ads to subscribe. when you cllick link in email to see video/learn, it redirects to packt website and keeps asking if account info is correct, there is no way to fiind the courses you purched online too.
Por un buen servicio y excelente material
Well organized and precise.
Step-by-Step Machine Learning with Python [Video]
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