SSL Complete Guide 2021: HTTP to HTTPS [Video]

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By Bogdan Stashchuk
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  1. Introduction

About this video

This course is all about securing websites with SSL/TLS certificates. We start by exploring the basics of symmetric encryption algorithms such as AES, asymmetric encryption (RSA), and hashing protocols (MD5 and SHA). We will also explain the fundamentals of computer networks and TCP/IP stacks; for that, we will use the Wireshark traffic analyzer.

You will learn about the structure of SSL/TLS certificates. You will also understand why CAs (Certificate Authorities) are needed and how the chain of trust is built.

We will perform multiple practice activities such as buying a domain and configuring DNS settings, using the Certbot ACME client to automatically obtain a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt; then with the help of OpenSSL, we'll generate RSA keys and self-signed certificates, we'll secure WordPress with Apache using SSL/TLS certificates, and create a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) via OpenSSL and submit it to the CA server. We will configure Cloudflare for your domain and set up different SSL operation modes, install and configure NGINX web servers for SSL/TLS certificates, migrate from HTTP to HTTPS, and redirect all traffic using HTTP 301 redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.

By the end of this course, you will become a guru of SSL and TLS encryption and will be able to easily obtain and install SSL certificates on your web servers.

Publication date:
August 2019
10 hours 54 minutes

About the Author

  • Bogdan Stashchuk

    Bogdan Stashchuk is an experienced instructor with a great practical background. He teaches complex stuff in an easy step-by-step manner. All his courses include practical exercises, which allow the learners to follow him from the start of any course till the end. Learners will perform all tasks the same way he does in his video lectures. There are a lot of challenging assignments, the solutions for which are discussed inside the course.

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Latest Reviews

(2 reviews total)
Too much introductory background info. I wanted to get into the "how" part sooner.
Helped solidify my SSL knowledge in between other projects

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