SPSS Statistical Analysis Cookbook

By Jeffry Pilch
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About this book

SPSS is one of the leading and comprehensive software products for statistical analysis used by students, researchers, and anyone who works with data. The combination of an advanced GUI as well as the ability to write flexible code gives SPSS an advantage over other statistical software. It gives the users the ability to do basic statistical analysis and data manipulation, as well as traditional spreadsheet functionality in an interface that is twofold. SPSS is one of the only software programs with a true dual interface, which allows users from all levels of statistical and software backgrounds to do statistical analysis.

With its series of practical recipes, this practical guide helps you to implement both basic and advanced functions of SPSS. It will enable users who are familiar with the Graphic User Interface to complement their knowledge with syntax to improve their data management and preparation skills, as well as learn the nontraditional statistics.

The first few chapters take you through recipes of basicintermediate complexity, such as sorting and filtering data, computing variables, recoding techniques, and so on. Following on from this, we will proceed stepbystep on to both common and uncommon data manipulation techniques, which is often the hardest phase of an analysis. You will gain indepth knowledge on screening and manipulating data before their actual analysis. Later on in the book, you will also explore distributionfree testing, as well as powerful correlation and regression techniques.

The book will give you a fastpaced training that will get you up to speed in data manipulation and everything that SPSS has to offer.

Publication date:
May 2015

About the Author

SPSS Statistical Analysis Cookbook
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