Spring Boot - Getting Started [Integrated Course]

2.5 (2 reviews total)
By Patrick Cornelißen
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About this video

The Spring Framework is the leading alternative to Oracle’s Java EE offering. Spring Boot is the best option to start developing Spring applications with less code and a better development and operations experience.

This lesson is aimed at providing someone having a Java background with the necessary expertise to write a web-based application from scratch that stores data in a relational database and offers a REST-based API and a HTML interface.

We start by creating a new project and exploring the already provided test support. We then move on to add our first Web MVC controller and of course we add tests for this as well. With that knowledge we start to write our sample application and start with a REST-based API. Then, we add data storage via JPA and Spring’s JdbcTemplate.

Further on, we create an HTML interface with thymeleaf and add input validation to both APIs. Spring security is the next topic we explore to secure our application from malicious users. At the end we are going to learn how to configure our application, monitor it, and check out some advanced topics regarding Spring configuration classes and the Spring Expression Language (SpEL).

After completing this course, you will be able to write a maintainable application from scratch that can be deployed and operated with ease.

Key Features

  • Create a Spring application from scratch
  • Add a RESTful API and a rich web interface
  • Store data in a relational DB with transactions
  • Configure and operate a Spring Boot application

Who this course is for

This course can be beneficial for novice Spring developers, web developers and Spring enthusiast. This will help them dive-in and understand core basics concepts of Spring Boot.

Publication date:
July 2017
6 hours 26 minutes

About the Author

  • Patrick Corneli√üen

    Patrick Cornelien is a software developer and the founder and CEO of the Orchit GmbH and KulinariWeb GmbH. He has written several applications in various languages and platforms, and specializes in microservice-based applications and transition of monolithic applications into microservices. He has been using the Spring Framework since 2009. He has organized code retreats and open space conferences, because he likes to learn and teach new things in the field of (agile) software development.

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Latest Reviews

(2 reviews total)
Patrick obviously knows Spring Boot very well. However, he is not good at teaching any topics, or teaching them in the right order, or explaining what he is doing, at least in these videos. I wondered why there was no "pre-purchase preview" of the videos available. Once I had purchased them I knew why. No-one would purchase them if they saw a preview. Before purchasing Patrick's Getting Started and Advanced Spring Boot courses, I had completed at least a dozen YouTube Spring Boot "mini-courses" - a series of YouTube videos walking you through the development of a basic web app project, including a 20+ part tutorial video serious by Java Brains. However, I was frustrated, because these videos never went beyond the extreme basics. I wanted to include Date Pickers, nice, dynamic user interfaces, etc in my web apps. After extensive searching on the internet, I could not find any books, videos, or resources that helped me with this. it was the same old "develop a basic app" over and over again with slight variations. The "Ask a Question" link on Spring Boot's web page links to Stack Overflow and says "ask any questions you have there". However, if you ask any questions about Spring Boot, the best courses, any useful learning resources, how to proceed into advanced web development topics, creating dynamic UI's, how to implement security, how to interface with Windows Active Directory, etc, then you get shouted at by a bunch of angry people who say questions like these are NOT allowed on Stack Overflow. *** ??? Spring Boot seriously need to look at their support. The "guides" on their web site are horrendous. They cover the extreme basics and nothing else I needed. Anyway, I read the synopsis for Patrick's courses, and while they did not cover these topics, I purchased them thinking "well, any courses I can do that fill in my jig saw of knowledge will help". How wrong I was. I nearly didn't buy Patrick's Getting Started course, I had already done so much "basic web app development" in Spring Boot, that I thought this would be 100% revision for me. However, I purchased it anyway because I thought "then I'm sure to have a smooth transition into Patrick's Advanced Spring Boot course". However, Patrick's Getting Started course is NOT a "getting started" course at all. Patrick goes off on wild, ridiculous tangents exploring extremely detailed and esoteric aspects of Spring Boot that a "beginner" would never want to know about (and should not need to know about until much, much later). And, instead of focusing on getting something built that the user/student can see and use, and then add features, security, testing, etc to this, he instead gets bogged down in a quagmire of Unit and Integration testing complexity - and he does all of this BEFORE he has created a model, a view, or a controller - before even a Hello World web app is running. And worst of all, he explains NOTHING as he goes. He basically reads out the code he is writing, and that's about it. Why are you writing that line of code ? What does that @parameter do ? What is the difference that changing this to that make ? NONE OF THAT IS EXPLAINED. He also regularly pastes in large blocks of code without explaining any of it. I kept having to pause the videos, squint at the screen and type in what he had pasted before he moved the screen onto something else. And the code he writes - god what a damned mess. I'm new to Spring Boot and web development, but I have been developing software decades, and I take a lot of pride in my code. But Patrick does not seem to care at all about style or quality. He routinely writes (or pastes) code that goes on for many lines consisting of nothing but object.method1(...).method2(...).method3(...).method4(...) on and on for 6+ lines. HIDEOUS ! Patrick, if you are getting away with writing schlock code like this for any clients you work for, I'd be amazed (and their QA people need to be fired). Just because Java (or C++ or whatever) allows you to write schlock code, it does NOT mean that you should. Thank GOD I did not pay full price for these courses. The super discount price I paid was still an extreme rip-off. I am a million miles from being happy or satisfied with my purchase. I would never recommend these courses to anyone. NOTE: I was hoping to return to the videos and give them another chance, and then discuss things with Patrick *before* leaving any reviews, however, Feefo emails are hitting my Inbox asking me to review, and I think timescales may be limited, so I don't have any choice but to leave my feedback while I still can.
I thought the offer was good value
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