Spring Boot Essentials [Video]

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By Matthew Speake
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About this video

Spring Boot provides some impressive features to simplify writing your code, and does so with minimal effort. It is the fastest way to get a Spring application up and running with the fewest lines of code and the least configuration. It aims to make development easy so that you can create production-grade applications and services.

This course begins by helping you configure Spring Boot, then shows you a practical implementation of its various features. Then, you will work on running and debugging Spring Boot apps in the IDE. Following that, you’ll learn the foundations of the Spring Boot platform and understand its operations. Afterwards, you’ll understand layered architecture basics and how Spring Boot lets us create layered applications built on top of Spring. You’ll also see how autoconfiguration works and understand how to use it and troubleshoot it where required. Finally, you’ll be injecting properties into Spring-managed beans and publishing Spring events to ApplicationListeners.

By the end of the course, you will get hands-on knowledge of running and debugging Spring Boot applications in the IDE. You will also be able to publish these applications on a website.

Publication date:
April 2021
2 hours 18 minutes

About the Author
  • Matthew Speake

    Matthew Speake is a Java technologist and trainer. He has over 20 years of experience working everywhere from small start-ups to large global corporations and is the principal trainer at Zention in the UK.

    He started JavaEasily in 2018 to produce courses focused on teaching Java technology to students all around the world. Since then, JavaEasily has been busy creating and publishing courses and articles on different aspects of Java to help beginners and intermediate Java developers enhance their skills. JavaEasily helps you become a better Java developer by teaching you the core skills you need in order to succeed in your Java career.

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Spring Boot Essentials [Video]
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