Spring 5.0 Microservices

By Niyazi Erdogan
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  1. Demystifying Microservices

About this video

Spring is one of the most popular choices among Java developers when it comes to developing applications for enterprises or the web.

This course is designed to help you implement microservice architecture in Spring Framework, Spring Boot, and Spring Cloud. You will get started by understanding the guidelines for implementing responsive microservices at scale. After this, you’ll get up to speed with how Spring Boot can be used to deploy serverless autonomous services without the need for a heavyweight application server. As you cover later chapters, you’ll explore advanced topics, such as deploying your microservices to Docker and managing them with Mesos.

By the end of this course, you’ll have developed the skills you need to implement microservices using the Spring framework and use them in internet-scale deployments with the help of real-world examples.

Publication date:
July 2019
6 hours 15 minutes


Course Overview


Demystifying Microservices


Evolution and Need for Microservices


Microservices Benefits



About the Author

  • Niyazi Erdogan

    Niyazi Erdoğan is a software engineer and AWS Certified Solutions Architect with over ten years' experience in various fields. He is a mostly self-taught programmer and has been programming for a long time. He has been actively working on TDD-based implementations for over 4 years. Apart from his day job, Niyazi has developed video courses on Cloud, AWS, Java, Spring, and more; these constitute his basic areas of interest. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/niyazi-erdogan/

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Spring 5.0 Microservices
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