Smarty Programação de Aplicações em PHP Usando Templates [Portuguese]

By Hasin Hayder , Joao Prado Maia , Lucian Gheorghe
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About this book

Smarty é um motor de templates para PHP. Os designers que estão acostumados a trabalhar com ficheiros HTML poderão agora trabalhar com templates Smarty, que são ficheiros HTML com simples marcas enquanto que os programadores trabalham com o código PHP. O motor Smarty une o código e os templates. O resultado de tudo isto é que os designers podem concentrar-se no desenho, os programadores podem concentrar-se na programação e não precisam de estar no caminho um do outro.

Mesmo que você esteja desenvolvendo um site seu, o Smarty é uma forma poderosa de tornar seu código mais claro para você e para os outros e torna-o mais fácil de depurar e de modificar mais tarde.

Publication date:
June 2009

About the Authors

  • Hasin Hayder

    Hasin Hayder graduated in Civil Engineering from the Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) in Bangladesh. He is a Zend-certified Engineer and expert in developing localized applications. He is currently working as a Technical Director in Trippert Labs and managing the local branch in Bangladesh. Beside his full time job, Hasin writes his blog at, writes article in different websites and maintains his open source framework, Orchid. Hasin lives in Bangladesh with his wife Ayesha and his son, Afif.

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  • Joao Prado Maia

    João Prado Maia is Lead Software Developer with Alert Logic, Inc. and was previously with MySQL AB as the lead developer behind Eventum, an issue tracking system, and MySQL Network, a subscription product for everything related to MySQL services. He has been working with PHP, Smarty, and PEAR for several years, and maintains, one of the most popular PHP-related community sites in Brazil. He is also interested in fostering a community of PHP developers in Houston by organizing the Houston PHP Users Group at

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  • Lucian Gheorghe

    Lucian Gheorghe has just joined the Global NOC of Interoute, Europe's largest voice and data network provider. Before Interoute, he was working as a senior network engineer for Globtel Internet, a significant Internet and Telephony Services Provider to the Romanian market He has been working with Linux for more than 8 years putting a strong accent on security for protecting vital data from hackers and ensuring good quality services for internet customers. Moving to VoIP services he had to focus even more on security as sensitive billing data is most often stored on servers with public IP addresses. He has been studying QoS implementations on Linux to build different types of services for IP customers and also to deliver good quality for them and for VoIP over the public internet. Lucian has also been programming with Perl, PHP and Smarty for over 5 years mostly developing in-house management interfaces for IP and VoIP services.

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Smarty Programação de Aplicações em PHP Usando Templates [Portuguese]
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