Salesforce Certified Administrator - Revision Guide [Video]

By Connie Hazendonk
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About this video

Salesforce is a fast-growing business solution suite, constantly improving and adding new functionality to its features. This course will serve as a key guide to help you in your certification journey by covering all the topics to help you update your skills and acquire in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce platform.

This course will enable you to sharpen your problem-solving skills and strengthen your knowledge of key topics in a practical way and is ideal for administrators at all levels (new and experienced). Every section will cover a module/topic which will be part of the certification. You will also review some example/mock questions that are highly likely to be asked in the certification exam. After covering basics such navigating the Salesforce environment and application and getting your organization ready for users, you will start by setting up and managing user types and profiles. You will cover data and security and also move on to maintaining and customizing Sales Cloud and Service Cloud apps. You will learn how to build reports and dashboards to maximize the look and feel of the application and to enhance user experience. You will set up workflows for automation and manage the support process. You will also look at the configuration, data management, data analytics, and mobile administration. You will cover techniques to enhance your system management efficiently.

By the end of this comprehensive course, you will be confident and proficient in your skills and will be all set to take up and succeed at your Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.

Publication date:
July 2019
8 hours 33 minutes


The Course Overview


Exploring the Different Salesforce Clouds


Salesforce Editions


Set Up Your Trailhead Account

About the Author
  • Connie Hazendonk

    Connie Hazendonk is Salesforce Trainer with more than 5 years’ experience in it. Salesforce is a fast-growing business, constantly improving and adding new functionality to its platforms. As a Salesforce Admin, you will most likely take your first steps into this dynamic world. She has made this transition herself several years ago, coming from a data analytical background. Since working with Salesforce, she has become a Certified Admin and Certified Trainer and has worked and travelled around the world, supporting international businesses across various industries. She uses her experience to create and deliver training courses for their end users. She has found this certification to give you a solid foundation for you to come back on a day-to-day basis.

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Salesforce Certified Administrator - Revision Guide [Video]
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