Responsive Web Design Patterns

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By Chelsea Myers
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About this book

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at arranging things in a way to get optimal viewing experience and easy reading and navigation on different screen sizes. It bonds together designers and developers as they publish and test new solutions to build websites for all screen sizes. The simplicity of this technology stems from the fact that learning about the most tested RWD solutions along with basic HTML, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript, can soon help you start using these solutions for yourself. The foundations of RWD, once mastered, will help you gain the skills you need to create your own responsive website.

Keep track of Responsive Web Designs (RWD) patterns by building your own pattern library and creating RWD’s most popular patterns, seen on hundreds of websites today. For beginners and pros, this book provides a toolset to help plan the design and functionality of a responsive website.

The book begins with creating a home for all your patterns by setting up your own pattern library. Each chapter is broken down into different sections of a website; presenting patterns for each section. We move on to building responsive layouts of varying degrees of complexity to house the type of content you need. Develop menu systems and see which responsive navigation fits the size of your website. Next, you’ll learn tactics to present media and data elegantly on different screen sizes. And finally, you’ll tie up all those loose ends on your responsive website and pattern library to get it ready for launch.

Publication date:
November 2015

About the Author

  • Chelsea Myers

    Chelsea Myers, throughout her career so far, has been a student, freelancer, full-time employee, teacher, assistant, researcher, and business owner in the web development industry. She is passionate about responsive frontend development and building out user-focused designs. Every new project allows her to learn and try something new. And to her, that's the best part of the job.

    She graduated from Drexel University with a degree in digital media. Currently, she works for an award-winning digital studio, Happy Cog, and teaches web development and user experience at Drexel. When she is not doing all this, or freelancing herself, she also manages her cofounded animation studio, Coffeebot Studios.

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Well written, but not comprehensive enough.

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